Egg Donor ID 134866

1995 year born egg donor, 158 cm, 58 kg, Green-brown eye, Straight Middle blond hair, A mother of a boy, College diploma in Law

1995 158 cm 58 kgA+

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Why I became an egg donor

My egg donor experience
The idea of being an egg donor didn't come easily to me. First of all, I had concerns about medical procedures and their security for my health. I have a small son and he needs my care. Then I studied a lot of information online and I realized that I'm young and healthy and my body should endure. My next worry was about the future of the eggs - they start growing and become babies with my genes. Looking at this fact from another point of view, I made an important conclusion - my eggs are nothing but material, start point and the last chance for those who can finally get the joy of maternity. I'm happy to know that the recipient will carry, deliver and feed this child herself. So, being physically and emotionally prepared to make this step, I'm going to help families become complete and truly happy, see their children grow and hear baby laughter at their homes. Let everything be great with them!
I adore cooking for my child and for my whole big family. When I have free time, I enjoy reading Russian classical literature
Main character traits
Stress resistant, Strong-willed, Unconflictive, Punctual, Easy-educated, Responsible, Even-tempered, Goal-oriented, Polite, Patient, Neat, Leader, Inquisitive, Hard-working, Good sense of humour, Faithful, Reliable, Decent, Cheerful, Caring, Brave, Active, Easy-educated, Decent, Cheerful, Caring, Active, Goal-oriented, Even-tempered, Faithful, Good sense of humour, Hard-working, Brave, Unconflictive, Strong-willed, Stress resistant, Responsible, Reliable, Punctual, Inquisitive, Leader, Neat, Patient, Polite, Caring, Strong-willed, Stress resistant, Inquisitive, Responsible, Reliable, Punctual, Polite, Neat, Patient, Leader, Unconflictive, Even-tempered, Hard-working, Good sense of humour, Faithful, Easy-educated, Decent, Cheerful, Brave, Active, Goal-oriented
Education level
College diploma in Law
An operator at the fuel station
A mother of
a boy
Year of birth
Blood group and Rh factor
Height, cm
Weight, kg
Skin complexion
Medium (light colour, but will tan moderate to dark)
Eye colour
Hair color
Middle blond hair, Straight

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