Egg Donor ID 868587

1989 year born egg donor, 165 cm, 60 kg, Greyish-green eye, Wavy Blond hair, A mother of 2 girls, Medical college diploma (a medical nurse)

1989 165 cm 60 kgAB+

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Why I became an egg donor

Motivation letter
Why did I decide to become an egg donor? Let me start with my two children that I love so much and thank God for the opportunity of being a mother. But I know that not all women are able to get this happiness. They have to request help from doctors and donors. In spite of some inconveniences and consequences, I went for it! I wish more than one woman could taste the delight of maternity! Being a parent is an incomparable charm as well as a hard work. You work every day, especially improving your thoughts and behavior. A lot of things must be passed through, smiles and tears, joy and sorrow, kindergarten and school. And what about the first meeting: when you’re holding your baby with shaking hands and can’t believe it’s going on with you. You dreamt so much about it! Finally, your piece of happiness is with you. Let every woman be blessed with this feeling, this first meeting because children are our reason to live. Everything is for them and for the sake of their future.
I enjoy doing sports and healthy eating
Main character traits
Hard-working, Friendly, Forgiving, Decent, Caring, Brave, Attentive, Active, Goal-oriented, Even-tempered, Modest, Neat, Trustful, Tender, Straightforward, Sociable, Sensitive, Responsive, Responsible, Punctual, Polite, Patient
Education level
Medical college diploma (a medical nurse)
The main occupation at the moment is being a housewife and a mother
A mother of
2 girls
Year of birth
Blood group and Rh factor
Height, cm
Weight, kg
Skin complexion
Fair (skin will tan lightly on sun exposure)
Eye colour
Hair color
Blond hair, Wavy

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