How to create a sibling from the same egg donation IVF?

How to create a sibling from the same egg donation IVF?

Many patients ask us if they can have a brother or a sister in the future for their first child born after the first egg donation IVF cycle.

To provide our patients with an opportunity of having siblings we make sure that a good amount of blastocysts are created in each egg donation IVF cycle. We have developed a highly reliable embryo freezing technology so that all the excellent blastocysts left after the first embryo transfer can be stored for further attempts or siblings. All frozen embryos from your egg donation IVF cycle are your property and can be used by you in the future to create more than one child.

  • Firstly, embryo freezing gives a greater number of opportunities to become pregnant within one egg donation IVF cycle without the burden and expense of requiring fresh egg donation IVF again
  • Secondly, embryo freezing allows children born from a successful treatment to have siblings born from the same egg donation IVF cycle. This is less of an opportunity otherwise, as the same egg donor may not always be available for a new egg donation IVF cycle. 

Embryo freezing reduces cost of subsequent embryo transfers and offers opportunity to have siblings to you first child by using embryo from the same egg donation IVF cycle

In one egg donation IVF cycle more embryos may be generated than are needed to create one pregnancy. These additional embryos belong to the recipient of this egg donation IVF cycle and can be frozen and stored, ready for further attempts. If the first embryo transfer has not resulted in an ongoing pregnancy, the remaining frozen-thawed embryos can be used for further attempts without need for a new egg donation IVF cycle. If a baby was born and there are still some embryos left in the storage, they can be used to create a brother or sister to the first child.

Vitrification has established itself as the most reliable method of embryo freezing and has become a golden standard in good egg donation IVF cycles.


Transfer of one fresh blastocyst selected on the basis of morphological criteria results in a 54% clinical pregnancy rate, transfer of one frozen embryo selected on the basis of morphological criteria results in a 52% clinical pregnancy rate and transfer of frozen embryo, selected on the basis of both morphological and genetic criteria results in a clinical pregnancy rate of 60%

In summary, cryopreservation offers a well-established enhancement to successful egg donation IVF cycle. It has been proven to have no detrimental effect on the embryo or on the chances of reaching pregnancy. It offers the opportunity for parenthood with a reduced burden and cost.

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Certificate ISO9001:2008

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