What is egg donation treatment?

Egg donation treatment feels much milder than hormonal stimulation for IVF with own eggs

The main goal of hormonal medication used for egg donation treatment is to make sure that the embryo transfer is done in the timing when the implantation is most likely to occur in the recipient — ‘Implantation Window’

We usually ask our patients to tell us which week or certain dates are convenient for them to come to St Petersburg for embryo transfer and then adjust the readiness of the uterus to these dates with the help of very little hormonal medication. Luckily medication for egg donation recipients feels much milder than hormonal stimulation for IVF with own eggs.

Here we describe the purpose of main medication groups that we use in our egg donation treatment to make the recipient perfectly ready for embryo transfer.

Combined Oral Contraceptives (Birth Control Pills)

Pill time menstruation and prevent cyst formation

Help to time menstruation logically for the timing of the transfer (usually 3 weeks before transfer)

Helps to avoid follicular functioning cysts in the embryo transfer cycle.

This should be started from day 2 of menstruation – 2 to 3 months before your visit to St Petersburg for embryo transfer.
For egg donation treatment we prefer the monophasic combined pills without placebo tablets in the pack, which means that every pill in the packet is the same as any other pill. These contain both synthetic oestrogens and progesterone. Here are just some brand names for these types of pills – Neovletta, Microgynon 30, Marvalon, Valette, Femodene

Down Regulation

Down regulation helps to avoid premature ovulation and shifting of implantation window in egg donation cycle

  • Switches off own ovarian activity in the egg donation cycle.
  • Helps to avoid premature ovulation which would shift implantation window forward and would result in reduction in success rates.
  • Examples of this type of medication are Procrene Depot – 3,75mg – 1 single injection, alternatively Diphereline Depot, Buserelin Depot, Zoladex, Decapeptyl Depot, or other agonist GnRH


Oestrogens grow the lining in the uterus and sustain it after embryo transfer

  • Grow the endometrium lining in the Uterus making it ready for implantation in egg donation cycle
  • Support the endometrial lining in the uterus after egg donation so that it doesn’t bleed out before the embryonic placenta takes over the function of hormonal support
  • We use both oral and transdermal forms to sustain a stable concentration in the patient during and after egg donation cycle
  • Examples of Oestrogens tablets are Progynova, Progynon, Estrodial
  • Examples of Oestrogen patches are Clemara, Estrodot, Evorel and Vivelle


Progesterone makes uterus lining receptive to the embryo and supports pregnancy after egg donation treatment

  • Times the readiness of endometrium for implantation in egg donation cycle
  • Supports the endometrial lining in the uterus after egg donation so that it doesn’t bleed out before the embryonic placenta takes over the function of hormonal support
  • Receptors on the surface of the endometrium which are capable to recognize the receptors on the surface of the embryos will appear on day 5 of progesterone supplementation and will usually be gone after 48hrs.

Other Medication

Improved delivery of hormones to the target organ (uterus) and reduce maternal hostility towards the embryo in egg donation cycle

  • We also use Vitamins and medication to improve the blood flow in the uterus before during and after egg donation as well as medication to reduce the immunity of potential mother to the embryo, all of these will be listed in the individual egg donation treatment plan of the patient.

Please ask for a telephone consultation to allow one of our doctors to talk to you about your medical history and personally advise you about the ideal egg donation plan resulting in you having a live birth through egg donation


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