What is donor egg IVF?

What is donor egg IVF? What is the difference between IVF with own eggs and IVF with donor eggs? There is one main difference between own egg IVF and donor egg IVF that is the need for an extra person to create the pregnancy. This extra person, the egg donor, gives her eggs to the would-be-mother (the donor egg recipient) if the recipient cannot use her own eggs to create a pregnancy.

For donor egg IVF a donor uses hormonal medication to stimulate her ovaries to produce a good amount of donor eggs. The egg donor then has egg retrieval under general anaesthetic.

In donor egg IVF we always freeze remaining good morphology embryos after fresh transfer for use in the future!

When collected the donor eggs are placed in a special dish in the laboratory, they are then fertilised using the sperm of the recipient’s partner, or a sperm donor by donor egg IVF or ICSI. Once the donor egg IVF was performed and eggs are fertilised they are known as embryos.

In donor egg IVF we grow all embryos to day 5, this is known as blastocyst stage of embryo development, each day of growth is carefully monitored by the embryologist to assess which embryos will have the very best chances of implantation and will result in a pregnancy for the donor egg recipient. All remaining embryos of good morphology from IVF with donor eggs are frozen and are the property of the donor egg recipient and can be used until the recipient’s 51st Birthday.


So as to ensure the very best environment for the transferred embryo the donor egg recipient follows her individually designed treatment protocol, which aims at preparing her uterus for maximal implantation probability and her body — for pregnancy. To prepare the donor egg recipient for the most successful donor egg IVF cycle we use different preparations of female hormones, immune medication and growth-factors, low molecular heparins and acupuncture. The donor egg recipient will continue with her hormonal medication until the placenta produces enough hormones to support the pregnancy and the growing baby. As with any other pregnancy the donor egg recipient, now a mother, will nourish and help the baby to develop, creating an unbreakable bond. Once the baby is born this bond will continue to grow and develop as the mother breastfeeds and cares for her growing baby.

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Certificate ISO9001:2008

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