Egg donation success stories

My little boy was born 28.10.2017.

You have a very friendly and serious team in your clinic including doctors,nurses,coordinators and all the others who are part of the clinic...

November 10th 2017

Now I am 11 weeks pregnant and I feel calm about knowing some much about my egg donor.

After many years with IVF -treatment (own eggs) and 3 missed abortions, I decided to try the egg donation program at the AVA-Peter clinic in St. Petersburg. I had a very good impression of the doctors and coordinators at the clinic and trusted them to help me choose an egg donor....

September 1st 2017

We tried egg donation and it worked the first time!

It took us long time to decide to go with this process and is the best decision we took in our life! I found Ava Peter on internet and we went to see them....

July 8th 2017

New life started with egg donation!

YES I was pregnant, and I could soon start to plan my new life with my child. I was so happy, and looking forward to tell the hole “world” that my wish has come trough, and this Christmas I was going to give birth to my child. Thank you for helping me with the biggest love of my life – my daughter is the most beautiful baby in the hole world J...

January 30th 2017

A miracle happened thank to egg donor!

We hadn’t imagined that we would end up as parents to a donor child, when we started this journey to get a child. Today we are very happy with the outcome. Our small daughter is a miracle, and we remind us selves every day about how lucky we are....

January 9th 2017

Turn to egg donation was the right decision for us!

Undergoing any sort of ART is a huge decision, emotionally, physically & financially, let alone with a donor egg involved too. You have to take a leap of faith...and for us it has paid off a hundredfold. I have to say we would highly recommend AVA Peter for making the journey as smooth and successful as they could....

January 8th 2017

My daughter was made possible by the egg donor.

After several informative phone conversations with Dr Zaytseff we went ahead with the cycle. I had a lot of support throughout the prep stage, both with medical and practical stuff. My GP refused to do a prescription for my meds and I was struggling to find someone to do a prescription for a protocol devised by a foreign clinic. Within 24 hours Dr Zaytseff put me in touch with a London-based fertility specialist who saw me at a very short notice and ensured I had all the drugs. There were a few other hiccups in the process on my side, and every time Olga Zaytseff and Alla Schatzkova, my primary contact, found a way to course correct and move things along, all the while being very gracious, professional and reassuring....

November 22nd 2016

Believe in the beauty of the dreams: our egg donor helped us to become a family of three!

We tried to sort out of whom to be the best egg donor for us, and when we found out that by the Clinic it was possible to see photos of the egg donor in young age and also get to know some personal information about the egg donor it felt like such a relief. We found the most adorable egg donor and now one year later our son has arrived both healthy and strong. He gives us so much joy and happiness but also is like every other kid, he sleeps little in night since he is so young and has cried a lot some times when he has been hungry, but I have to tell you this, it is all worth it and it feels so great to be family of three....

November 15th 2016

I am eternally grateful to my egg donor!

For almost two years my low AMH had given me anxiety and the failed treatments in Denmark had been quite traumatic. Using egg donor meant that I could relax and breath again. I wanted to become a mother to a healthy baby as soon as possible, that was all that mattered. I couldn't think of any good reasons why it had to my own egg. Becoming a parent is about embracing a new person with unconditional love and support. DNA has nothing to do with that....

November 9th 2016

My beautiful egg donor gave me the joy of motherhood!

So my husband and I arrive and meet the doctor who speaks perfect English and is very welcoming. In one day all the tests and examinations are done, all questions are answered by the doctor, the girl is chosen and all you have to do now is wait for a couple of weeks for the egg donor to get ready for the procedure, then insemination, transfer and voila I’m pregnant!...

November 8th 2016

One egg donor changed my life!!!

For me it was important to know as much as possible about the egg donors so the egg donor program was the best choise. I looked through the profiles over and over again and there was especially one egg donor that caught my eye. She looked kind and had my colours and reminded me a bit of me as a child. The jorney had started. It was so exciting! I really fell in love with St. Petersburgh and it will forever have a place in my heart....

October 20th 2016

Embryo adoption (egg donor+sperm donor) was the right way to go!

I went to see a counselor, not to start the process of getting pregnant, but to help me overcome the sorrow I felt not being able to become a mother. Luckily she is a part of the Clinic. I still remember the joy I felt after the first meeting – It is still possible. I can become a mother. I choose to go for an embryo adoption, to have the best chance of getting pregnant, as my age was not favoring my own eggs. I also had a prenatal test taken on the embryos to be as sure as possible that a baby would be healthy and alive....

October 19th 2016

We are so grateful to our egg donor, Dr Olga and the team at the clinic for making us happy!!

For me the decision to use an egg donor to help us have a baby was an easy one to make. My husband and I had tried IVF using my own eggs but it had been unsuccessful. After our first attempt at IVF failed we saw several consultants and specialists to help us decide how to move forward, what our options were and how we could achieve our dream of becoming parents....

September 23rd 2016

Thanks to the Clinic and the egg donor we are the happiest people on earth!

In the end, we like to think that our daughter chose us and not the other way around – after all she is the perfect combination of her two parents and is everything we wanted and more. She has her mother’s temper and her father’s smile and is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. She makes our lives richer and better than we could ever had imagined. Our house is now a house filled with laughter and joy and noise and toys and we would not have it any other way. We cannot thank the clinic and our egg donor enough for fulfilling our lives this way and we would like to say a wholehearted thank you to Dr Olga for making this possible; we are eternally grateful!...

September 20th 2016

Dear Egg Donor, thank you for making our Dream come true!

I was told egg donation would be our only hope of having a child which was very hard to process at first,but after our first meeting with Dr Olga we were so excited to start our treatment....

September 3rd 2016

Thank you once again for your fantastic work!

Thank you once again for your fantastic work that you do at your clinic and for your help with our amazing daughter who is a miracle...

August 24th 2016

My life is no more the same: thanks to egg donor I have my wonderful son!

We didn’t want to go through an egg donation in our own homeland, as we wanted an anonymous donation, but still wanted to know as much as possible about the egg donor. Clinic provides a large amount of information’s about the egg donors and even a couple of child pictures of each egg donor. It gave us the peace of mind we needed....

August 8th 2016

Connection between the egg donor and the patient from the first sight!

We have chosen each other!!!...

August 4th 2016

In January 2016 the happiness arrived in our family

We met late in life. Both of us already had children but we dreamed about having a love child together....

May 10th 2016

We are so happy that we went to St. Petersburg

After many tears and years of frustration we found AVA-PETER clinic in St. Petersburg. After three attempts with egg donation here we now have two beautiful children which we love more than anything. We are so happy that we went to St. Petersburg....

April 21st 2016

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