Tamsin Bowers

UK based patient coordinator

I will always be there when you need me, I talk a lot, laugh a lot and look for the good in even the small things!

My name is Tamsin Bowers and I am a patient coordinator for IDEAS and AVA-Peter Clinic. I have been working in the clinic now for nearly 2yrs and am based in the UK office, working with patients from the UK, Ireland, Australia, America and Sweden. I am married and a proud mother of 4 daughters.

My career since leaving school has been varied working within medicine, psychiatric units and elderly at first, then returning to education to obtain a qualification in childcare, education and teaching. I then became a full-time lecturer at the university teaching Degree level students.

My first experience of the world of infertility was a personal one, after 6yrs of trying to conceive naturally (and unnaturally in the form of any medication, or exploratory procedure the hospital could recommend) we moved to IVF treatment, unhappy with the choices we had close to home we travelled abroad for treatment and we were thankful and lucky to find a clinic that gave us our beautiful girls!

During this time I found support limited and information scarce, with this in mind and determined to make a difference I created my own support network and forum in the form of IVF Support Services -offering free advice and guidance to anybody that needed it and a friendly voice on the end of the phone for when times got tough and women needed someone to talk to! — someone that ‘had been there’ got the t-shirt and was still sane at the end of it (well at least a little bit sane ) this expanded into a 12year project that also incorporated sending and coordinating couples treatments abroad.

I am thrilled now to work with such a dynamic, supportive and exceptional team that share my ethos of caring for the patient both emotionally and medically and also agree that the ‘one size fits all approach’ doesn’t work and that all patients are as individual in their medical needs as their personal wishes and desires and that as a team we need to meet these if we are to ‘all’ be successful.

For my current and future patients... I will always be there when you need me, I talk a lot, laugh a lot and look for the good in even the small things! For those times when it is hard to see light at the end of the tunnel I will have a torch  I know what it feels like to be lost in an ever changing situation and be disappointed that life didn’t take the road you thought it would — but rest assured the journey may be a different one to what you had originally planned, but the end result will be the same — a healthy baby in your arms and a new and exciting journey together as a family!

Our Team

Dr. Olga Zaytseff

Fertility specialist, Head of the International Egg Donation Programme at AVA-Peter

Alena Egorova

Fertility doctor

Dr. Elena Lapina

Fertility Surgeon
Fertility Specialist

Ekaterina Tint

Fertility Nurse

Diana Furshteyn

Patient Coordinator

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Patient Coordinator

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Patient Coordinator

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Patient coordinator

Maria Jeffs

Swedish Patient Coordinator

Julia Reutova

Patient Coordinator

Anna Macarova

The head of Egg Donor Coordination team

Ksenia Pukhova

Egg donor coordinator

Violetta Tikhomirova

Egg Donor Coordinator

Anna Ogarkova

Fertility Nurse

Olga Malysheva

Fertility Nurse

Marina Abdulina

Financial Controller

UK based patient coordinator

Why come to St. Petersburg?
'Lily from the other side of rainbow' book by Tone Bråten

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Certificate ISO9001:2008

Certificate ISO9001:2008

We are the first Russian IVF clinic who developed and introduced quality management system (QMS) for IVF scopes in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We have been ISO 9001:2008 certified by LGA InterCert GmbH since 2008