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Egg Donor ID 301952

1999 163 cm 50 kg


Green-blue eyes

Straight middle blond hair


College diploma in Choreography

A cook


Egg Donor ID 304892

2000 166 cm 56 kg


Greyish-green eyes

Straight middle blond hair

Drawing, walking, baking cakes. I used to do sports. I like skating and roller-blading

College diploma in Tailoring (a student), I also have a hairdresser certificate

I'm sturying at the college for a dressmaker


Egg Donor ID 315039

1997 163 cm 55 kg


Brown eyes

Straight middle blond hair

Dancing and fitness

College diploma in Landscape Design

A sales manager


Egg Donor ID 326495

1994 172 cm 56 kg


Blue eyes

Wavy dark blond hair

My hobbies are primarily aimed at my daughter and we spend almost all our free time together. I love to embroider cross stitc...

Higher education in Banking

I have been working as a Lead Occupational Safety and Health Specialist since 2019. Before that I also worked in various areas (accounting, management, secretariat)

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Our egg donors are young Caucasian women under the age of 32, mostly of north-European phenotype (fair skin, blue/grey/green/brown eyes, blond/brown hair). They have their own healthy children, good education (professional and higher) and regular jobs. Being mothers themselves, they have a true desire to help childless women experience the joy of motherhood.

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