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Egg donation with your special, unique Egg Donor and Baby Guarantee

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is the process of creating an embryo(s) from a donor egg and your partners’ sperm / donor’s sperm, the resulting embryo is then transferred into your uterus to achieve an ongoing pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

Egg donation is never a method of choice. Egg donation is a method of exclusion — an effective solution if other methods have been inefficient or have very low chance of success.

Egg donation may become the only opportunity of having own baby for women of an advanced reproductive age and low ovarian reserve, for women with genetic conditions and for those who have already been through several unsuccessful IVF attempts with their own eggs.

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Why Choose Us?

>We welcome all women up to the age of 51 to our egg donation program

We welcome all women up to the age of 51 to our egg donation program

All healthy women, single and in relationships, under the age of 51 years old. Our success rates are equally high, regardless of whether our donor egg recipients are 30, 40 or 50 years old!

No waiting lists for egg donor and fertility treatment

No waiting lists for egg donor and fertility treatment

No waiting time — we plan your treatment with your chosen dates in mind. Just tell us which timing of a trip to St. Petersburg is convenient for you!

Only one visit for your egg donation treatment

Only one visit for your egg donation treatment

You will meet our doctors at the very beginning, by having an initial Skype consultation with one of them. You do not need to come to St. Petersburg in advance; the whole egg donation treatment is in just one visit to our clinic – for your embryo transfer.

This is Your personal choice of an egg donor

This is Your personal choice of an egg donor

It is You who make Your own egg donor choice based on your priorities and human values. We are glad to consult You all along Your egg donor choosing process.

Young healthy egg donors

Young healthy egg donors

All our egg donors are young healthy women, under the age of 32 years old, have their own healthy children and have gone through extensive medical and psychological screening.

See the photos of egg donors

See the photos of egg donors

Egg donor childhood photos, up to the age of 12 years old, are available in their extended profiles to help you to choose the right egg donor for you.

Detailed egg donors' profiles

Detailed egg donors' profiles

"See and feel" the egg donors’ own personality: Get insight not only in their family and medical history, but also into their social and professional lives, interests and personal life values.

Egg donation Success rate of 74.2%!

Egg donation Success rate of 74.2%!

High success rates: In our egg donation programme in 2017 we reached a 74.2% clinical pregnancy success rate per fresh embryo transfer and 65.8% implantation success rate.



We provide you with guarantees of a certain amount of donor eggs and embryos available for you. If fewer than the guaranteed number of eggs or embryos is achieved, we compensate the missing number of eggs/embryos without extra cost for you.

Baby guarantee

Baby guarantee

We provide you with guarantee of a live birth of a baby or refund your money. In our Baby Guarantee Egg Donation Programme our obligations to you are fulfilled when you have given birth to a baby!

Psychological support

Psychological support

We make sure that you are not only medically but also psychologically ready for the upcoming egg donation treatment with the help of up to 3 Skype consultations with our family counselors. They help you normalize your feelings and answer your questions about mother-child bond, how and when to tell the child and other questions it is natural to have in your situation.

Patient-to-patient interaction

Patient-to-patient interaction

Many of our former patients are glad to tell you about their life stories and journeys to becoming parents and to help you with question and concerns you might have.

You receive excellent care!

You receive excellent care!

Our team is always here for you to give professional advice and guidance at every stage of the process!

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The best egg donor for you:
It is Your Choice! Today you can choose from more then 180 egg donors who are ready to donate at your earliest convenience.

The best egg donor for you: It is Your Choice!

The extensive egg donor profile includes:

The extended donor profile includes: Egg Donor’s information, Donor's relatives and children
More than 150 parameters at all

Whilst searching through our Catalogue of Egg Donors it is you who will make the final choice of egg donor, based upon your own priorities and human values. However, we are always happy to consult with you and support you in the egg donor choosing process.

To enable you to have the opportunity of finding that special unique egg donor that resembles you as much as possible, we have created a broad social network of well-educated and enthusiastic young mothers willing to become egg donors. These young women are driven by the opportunity of adding something better to the world, as they did when they had their own children and now by helping you become a mother too.

…It was easy to choose the donor after reading all the answers through. It was clear that we had similar attitudes, interests and approach to life. I remember thinking about our donor: “If I had known this girl, we would have been friends”. Anna, Sweden

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Our Egg Donation and Embryo Adoption Money Back Guarantee packages

  • Egg donation

    If a live birth is not achieved within 3 IVF attempts, with donor eggs, we will return 80% of the money you have paid. Healthy* couples and Single women using their own chosen sperm donor (women aged 44-50 years old) can apply.

    21 900 €

  • Embryo adoption

    If a live birth is not achieved within 4 transfers of donor embryo we will return 80% of the money you have paid. Healthy* couples and single women aged 44-50 years old can apply.

    11 900 €

  • Individually designed combination packages: IVF with your own eggs and Egg or Embryo donation

    If a live birth is not achieved within the combined package we will return 80% of the money you have paid. Healthy women aged 41-43 years old can apply.

    Combined own eggs IVF
    and Egg Donation

    Up to 2 own eggs cycles and 3 egg donor cycles

    21 900 €

    Combined own eggs IVF
    and Embryo Adoption

    Up to 2 own eggs cycles and 3 embryo adoption cycles

    14 900 €

    *Patients often ask us: “what means healthy”. Healthy means having no general health conditions which may create life-threatening situations during pregnancy (uncompensated diabetes, kidney/liver insufficiency, untreated high blood pressure, heart diseases etc)

There is also no obligation to complete the package! We will give you the opportunity to ‘Pull Out’ after two embryo transfers if you are unsuccessful and still receive 80% of the money you have paid.

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Alternative Egg Donation and Embryo Adoption Guarantees

Mother and baby

However, if you do not want to use one of our packages with our Money Back Guarantee of live birth, we still understand how important it is for you to know what the process will be during your treatment. We know that you would like to be sure that the donor, the clinic and the team have done everything possible to help you achieve a successful outcome! We also want to make sure, where possible, that you are protected against a ‘bad luck’ scenario.

That is why we continue to share the risks with you even if you choose one of our Single Cycle Programmes, instead of our Money back Guarantee package. Therefore, even in our single cycle programmes, we offer you the following egg donation guarantees:

Amount of eggs available for you*

We guarantee you 8 mature eggs, from your chosen egg donor, available for fertilization if you choose our 8 egg guarantee programme or a minimum of 12 mature eggs within our 12+ egg guarantee programme.

Amount of embryos available for you*

We guarantee you at least 2 usable blastocysts within our 8 egg guarantee programme and at least 4 usable blastocysts within our 12+ egg guarantee programme *If less than the guaranteed number of eggs or embryos is achieved, we compensate the missing number of eggs/embryos, without extra cost for you, by using the eggs from another egg donor chosen by you. 

Top morphology of donor embryos*

*When using our Embryo Adoption Programmes, whether you choose a Money back package or a single cycle, please be confident that we always guarantee to use top morphology donor embryos according to ‘Gardner Classification’.

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Our Individualized Approach

Our Individualized Approach

We follow these 5 principles to give personalized treatment:

  1. A thorough study of your specific medical situation.

  2. By finding the underlying reasons and understanding the chain of events which has brought you to your current medical situation.

  3. By creating individually designed treatment tactics that are effective for you as an individual patient! (Not just using the same tactics for a large group of patients who have similar or varied problems).

  4. It is you and only you that will be the focus of our professional experience.

  5. By finding the most successful, comfortable and direct journey to your long-desired baby.

Individualized approach to every patient has helped us to achieve a 74.2% clinical pregnancy rate per fresh embryo transfer and a 65.8% implantation rate in our Embryo Adoption and Egg Donation programmes.

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Success Stories of our Patients

A miracle happened thank to egg donor!

We hadn’t imagined that we would end up as parents to a donor child, when we started this journey to get a child. Today we are very happy with the outcome. Our small daughter is a miracle, and we remind us selves every day about how lucky we are...”

Now I am 11 weeks pregnant and I feel calm about knowing some much about my egg donor.

After many years with IVF -treatment (own eggs) and 3 missed abortions, I decided to try the egg donation program at the AVA-Peter clinic in St. Petersburg. I had a very good impression of the doctors and coordinators at the clinic and trusted them to help me choose an egg donor...”

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