Miracle of new life!
A baby or money back!

Egg donors ‘behind the curtains’

What makes our dialog with our egg donors so special? We treasure and respect an invaluable gift they give to our patients, one that no amount of money truly reflects. All our egg donors have their own children and they recognize how much their own lives have changed when they have come into them: coloursbecame brighter and sounds turned more harmonic. Many of our egg donors cannot even imagine how their lives could be without children!

Our egg donors are givers — they give away not only a little cell from their body, they also give away parts of their huge hearts. They also value the opportunity of being a part of an amazing miracle and we support their feeling of value to the world. We also always take the very best care of our egg donors’ medical and psychological health.

Many of our egg donors have told us that their own lives have changed for the better after they became egg donors; this is the way it should be isn’t it? – the good that you give away is returned, but in some other form: better job, better relationships, happier children, more success and recognition. Our egg donors express positive thoughts and hopes, and this attracts a positive future.

We greatly appreciate the big hearts, dedication, loyalty and amazing individualities of all of our egg donors!

Why egg donors come to us?

Why do egg donors come to us? Currently 9 of our former egg donors have become our full time Team members — so why not ask them? Here they share with you their values, reasons for donation and own philosophies!

Why do egg donors come to us? Currently 9 of our former egg donors have become our full time Team members — so why not ask them? Here they share with you their values, reasons for donation and own philosophies!

Violetta Tikhomirova, a doctor, mother to a son and daughter. Former egg donor with 3 egg donations 2015-2016

Violetta Tikhomirova, a doctor, mother to a son and daughter
Joined the team in December 2015 (former egg donor with 3 egg donations 2015-2016)

‘I think the most important thing in life is to know how to be happy and to feel the joy of this happiness every day. Love your life, smile more often and tell your family how much you love them’. Read more⤵

Anna Macarova, egg donation team leader, a mother to a son and daughter. Former egg donor

Anna Macarova, egg donation team leader, a mother to a son and daughter
Joined the team in December 2011 (former egg donor with 3 egg donations 2008 - 2010)

 ‘The world conceals lots of wonderful things visible only for those who can see’. In my daily work I am inspired and amazed to be able to connect people who are desperately looking for help and those who are happy to stretch this helping hand over thousands of kilometers. Read more⤵

Ksenia Pukhova, Egg donor coordinator, a mother of two sons and a daughter. Former egg donor

Ksenia Pukhova, Egg donor coordinator, a mother of two sons and a daughter
Joined the team in May 2016 (former egg donor with 6 egg donations 2014-2016)

‘I love human beings! The most important part of my life is to give myself away in my help of others and to feel I am helpful. The more I manage to help, the more efficient I become — my results fuel my energy! I want to believe that the life around me will always be moving forward!’ Read more⤵

Irina Kuznetsova, a medical coordinator, a mother of a daughter. Former egg donor

Irina Kuznetsova, a medical coordinator, a mother of a daughter
Joined the team in June 2017 (former egg donor with 4 egg donations 2014 – 2016)

‘The world around us is wonderful and marvelous. I truly believe we are the ones who must create those miracles in our lives ourselves. I am so blessed to be a part of the team, which makes this world better and happier every day’. Read more⤵

Marina Abdulina, administrator, a mother of a son and daughter. Former egg donor

Marina Abdulina, administrator, a mother of a son and daughter
Joined the team in April 2015 (former egg donor with 6 egg donations 2013-2015)

‘Your dreams stay just dreams if you are not pursuing them’. Read more⤵

Ekaterina Yakushina, office manager, a mother of a daughter. Former egg donor

Ekaterina Yakushina, office manager, a mother of a daughter
Joined the team in October 2017 (former egg donor with 1 egg donation 2016)

‘Together we can achieve everything! True boundaries exist only in our heads. You always have an opportunity to stop, have a rest and weep, but you are much stronger, than you consider yourself to be’… Read more⤵

Taisia Patlatova, medical secretary, a mother of a son. Former egg donor

 Taisia Patlatova, medical secretary, a mother of a son
Joined team in April 2018 (former egg donor with 3 egg donations 2017)

‘I am a mother of a very lovely boy. He has changed my life by adding a million tones and coloursinto it. Helping others to feel the happiness of motherhood is a huge blessing.Today as a medical secretary I experience with every one of you your challenging stories, feeling myself a part of that story and a person who can make this small input into the life of strangers, but ones that feel so close at the same time – they are incredible feelings. I cry and laugh together with you’. Read more⤵

Alexandra Belyak, administrator, a mother of a son. Former egg donor

Alexandra Belyak, administrator, a mother of a son
Joined the team in May 2018 (former egg donor with 2 egg donations 2017 – 2018)

‘There is no power which can defeat us... Every time when I have problems I remember my grandma’s words and everything becomes better and my problems go away’. Read more⤵

Valeria Sergeeva, patient coordinator, a mother of 2 daughters and a son. Former egg donor

Valeria Sergeeva, patient coordinator, a mother of 2 daughters and a son
Joined the team in August 2018 (former egg donor with 5 egg donations 2012 - 2018)

‘The most important thing in every woman's life is to use her love and soul the best possible way. I believe the more kindness I share and more help I give the happier I become’. Read more⤵

How egg donors come to us?

Every day we receive applications from potential egg donors who would like to take part in our egg donation programmes. Many of them find out about us in social media where we have specialized educational groups for those who consider becoming an egg donor.  Also, many potential egg donors come to us because they have heard positive feedback about us from their friends, or relatives.

Considering the pros and cons of becoming an egg donor usually takes time. We had a questionnaire among our active egg donors asking: “After you have found out about egg donation how long did you considering becoming an egg donor for?” — 36% have taken 3-6 months for decision making, 22% have been thinking 6-12 months and 14% have been thinking for more than 1 year before they decided to contact us and apply for being an egg donor. Durig this time they have done their thoughtful deciding first and have gotten their husband’s\relative’s support before making this decision, making our egg donors emotionally ready and easy collaborate with.

We are so happy to work with thoughtful, responsible and dedicated egg donors, who understand all the importance and complexity of the act of donation. Also the donors’ loyalty to the donation concept and our team is very important and offers our clients a practical opportunity of having the same donor when creating a sibling in the future.

Our egg donors get financial compensation for their donations. This compensation is a good addition to the family budget, but not the key decision factor for egg donation. There might be months before a donor is chosen by a patient from the Catalogue of Egg Donors. Those candidates who were driven towards egg donation by the wish to receive quick money will not be able to fulfill all the necessary steps for entering our Catalogue and will soon disappear.

What our egg donors mainly focus on is the desire to help childless women become mothers and to become a part of something bigger. They also appreciate the opportunity we offer them to keep good track of their own medical health.

Today we have more than 600 healthy, educated committed egg donors  and more than 180 egg donors whom are ready to donate in the nearest time and in the time frame that is convenient for our patients.

Medical tests for egg donors

Our potential egg donors have exemplary medical and laboratory records and an ideal follicular reserve. In addition, their mental and psychological health is tested and they are fully prepared emotionally for the responsibility and commitment needed for egg donation and becoming and egg donor.

It is important to let you know that we accept only 10% of potential candidates due to very strict inclusion criteria:

  • We conduct in-depth interviews with each candidate about health, children, family medical history, education, job, interests, values in life and reasons for becoming an egg donor.
  • We try to understand if the potential egg donor family life, job and work life allow her to become an egg donor, because participating in the donation programme may take considerable amount of time and energy
  • A candidate is seen by three different medical doctors (gynecologist, general practitioner and psychiatrist) to prove physical and mental health.
  • Medical investigations and tests:
    • General health history
    • Reproductive history/gynaecology
    • Genetic history
    • Ultrasound examination of ovaries and uterus (every month)
    • HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C (every 3 months)
    • Chromosome screening
    • Clinical blood test: Haemoglobin, RBC (red blood cells), and WBC (white blood cells including the count of their fractions i.e. (lymphocytes, neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils) (every month)
    • Clinical urine test (every month)
    • Biochemical blood test (liver and kidney values, sugar, protein) (every month)
    • Blood coagulation (every month)
    • Electrocardiography (every year)
    • Lung X-ray (every year)
    • Cytology smear (every year)
    • Bacteriology smear (every month)
    • Smears for genital infections (chlamydia and others) (every 6 months)

Those potential egg donors, who have successfully passed through the previous screening steps, will provide their data for our Catalogue of Egg Donors. Information for the egg donor’s profile in the Catalogue comes from in-depth interviews with the donor, the questionnaire that the egg donor fills in, Information that they give about their family health and family history; our egg donors provide also dialogue with their family relatives.

Supportive letters from egg donors to patients and back!

Both patients and donors experience a lot of new thoughts and emotions before and during the egg donation process; this process is very precious and emotional for both. As a team of professionals we provide psychological support to both sides. Amazingly, egg donors and patients also support each other reciprocally without even having met each other!

We are happy to pass a supportive letter from an egg donor to “her” patient before the embryo transfer day and a thanksgiving letter from a patient to her donor after the treatment. These lovely letters help both sides to feel an immense personal support and appraisal, to feel connected on a very intimate level. When you write your thanksgiving letter, or a success story for our web sites many egg donors have tears of happiness and feel touched and included, since each of them can identify herself with an egg donor in your story.

Each egg donor can’t wait to know whether her donation has been successful. Imagine how long their egg donation process has been too: to learn about egg donation and to feel the calling of becoming an egg donor, to discuss this concept with her husband/partner, to take the first step and meet the Egg Donation Team, to fill the donor’s ‘huge’ questionnaire, to pass all the medical examinations, to undergo the stimulation, egg retrieval and recovery period. It is so rewarding for each egg donor finally, to learn if she helped a patient to become a parent.

Off course our donors will never get any personal details about “their” patients, but this is not what they are looking for either. This is a great honor and joy just to find out that a baby, after donation, has been born and whether it was a boy 👦 or a girl? 👧. Knowing that a baby was born, even on the other side of the world, brings so much positive energy and support to our donors. It is amazing to literally become part of such a huge happiness!

Quite often patients ask: “Why would someone donate eggs? I have been through several IVF attempts! I remember how hard and sad it was…” You may be surprised to find out that egg donors never experience the same grieving, or frustrations as patients do, especially when they fail to get pregnant. Frustrations through unsuccessful IVFs are only 10% — the situation and the 90% — due to the long history of trying to have a baby.

In comparison donors do not attempt a pregnancy, they already have healthy children and wish to share their happiness with you! They pass an amazing gift and change life of another human being and enjoy being a giver. This is why they perceive this egg donation process so much lighter and easier than patients do.

A patient and an egg donor perceive an IVF procedure differently due to difference in their reproductive histories and current life situations. During the stimulation process we see smiling, inspired faces of our egg donors. Interestingly, they have different feelings, but the same goal — a baby! Your baby! And they ask us the same questions as you do: “what can I do to make my eggs better quality? What vitamins should I take? Will I harm the eggs if I should have a glass of wine?

We establish a long-term relationship between our egg donors and the team. At present we have lots of egg donors who came to us the first time in their early 20-s while having just one child, have donated once, or twice, then have given birth to one, or two more children of their own and have then come back to donate again. This long-term relationship is based on trust and mutual respect between a donor and the team and makes it possible for patient to create a brother, or a sister to the first child in the future.

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