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Embryo adoption (embryo donation)

What is embryo adoption?

Medical and social reasons for women choosing embryo adoption, as their personal way to biological and social motherhood, are individual and so are their life journeys. We will always support you in this special way towards your pregnancy and your baby.

Embryo adoption (embryo donation) is a transfer of a donor embryo into the uterus to create a healthy pregnancy and live birth, when this was not possible to achieve this with your own genetic material.

In our embryo adoption (embryo donation) treatment, patients receive already created embryos of top morphology on day 5 of development.

We create donor embryos only from best quality donor egg and donor sperm. We never use embryos left from IVF cycles of other patients, who have already completed their family.  

Embryos are matched to the recipients based upon physical looks. Recipients of donor embryos are provided with photos and detailed information about egg donors from our Egg Donor Catalogue. We use donor sperm from European Sperm bank so that our patients can be provided with photos and extended profiles of sperm donors too. Many sperm donors are contactable.

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Who can Embryo adoption help?

Our Embryo Adoption Programme welcomes healthy women up until the age of 51, in a relationship, married, lesbian, or single.

It is a great pleasure and honor for us to help women of advanced reproductive age to become pregnant and have a baby of their own, even if there may be no more healthy eggs available in their ovaries.

Today’s modern women in their forties are in a very good shape through healthy diet and physical exercise. They have an excellent chance of carrying a baby to full term and to deliver a healthy child. Unfortunately, the egg quality significantly goes down after the age of 42, so the chances of getting pregnant with own eggs become dramatically low. In these cases, donor embryos can be used instead to establish a pregnancy that is healthy and has a very high chance of live birth – more than 50% per single donor embryo transfer!

We work based on shared risk principle of money back guarantee: should there be no baby born within the treatment package, we return 80% of your money paid.

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Why choose us for embryo donation?

  • High quality donor embryos. We only create donor embryos from fresh donor eggs. For each attempt you get maximum two top quality embryos from our top egg and sperm donors. We never use embryos left from other patients.
  • High success rates: above 50% live birth rates per embryo transfer!
  • Extended egg donor profiles with photos. By receiving your egg donor’s detailed profile, you get insight not only into the donor’s general and medical information, but also into social and professional life, interests and life values.
  • Cost-efficiency. Lower prices in comparison with fresh egg donation programmes.
  • Time-efficiency. One 4-5 day visit to the clinic for the embryo transfer.
  • We give you a guarantee of a live birth of a baby or refund your money. We take responsibility and share your risk.

Why is our Embryo Adoption Programme so successful and safe?

  • Our screening processes for potential sperm and egg donors are strict — only 10% of applicants are accepted based on social and medical criteria
  • Donor embryos are created from only the best quality donor eggs and sperm from the best donors with proven fertility (not from infertile couples)
  • Only donor embryos of top morphological parameters are chosen for our donor embryo bank
  • Single elective embryo transfer is our standard in embryo adoption cycles with clinical pregnancy rates of above 60% in frozen transfers and above 70% in fresh transfers. Live birth rates are above 50% per embryo transfer.

We achieve high success rates in our embryo adoption programmes not through an increase in the number of donor embryos used for transfer, but through a thorough choice of excellent egg and sperm donors and selection of top donor embryos for transfer.

Why is our Embryo Adoption Programme so cost efficient?

The costs of the embryo adoption treatment are kept as low as possible for two main reasons:

  • You do not have to pay the entire cost of an individual IVF cycle with donor eggs and donor sperm
  • You pay just for the transfer of donor embryo from our Embryo bank, created in advance

There are two great advantages of this approach: reduced cost and reliable success rates, since it is always only top morphology blastocysts stored in our bank.

Advantages of Money Back Programme with  Guarantee of live birth

  • It is highly individualized
    Even though the success rates of our Embryo Adoption Programme are high, we know that not every patient will need the same number of attempts to achieve healthy live birth. Some patients will need just 1-2 attempts to achieve healthy live birth, while other patients may need more than that due to implantation difficulties, or pregnancy losses. In our Baby Guarantee Embryo Adoption programme 80% of costs will be refunded if no baby is born within 4 embryo adoption attempts.
  • It is stress-free, safe and cost-efficient
    Our Money Back Embryo Adoption programme is designed to reduce the financial stress and worry that many infertility patients experience after having already spent a great deal of money on their previous fertility treatments. The goal of our Money Back Embryo Adoption programme is to give our patients the peace of mind and the financial resources to use for other family building options, such as adoption, if treatment at our clinic, in spite of all our hopes, was unsuccessful. All in all, we share with you your risks and your success: a healthy baby in your arms. 

Embryo Adoption Programmes

  • Single cycle of embryo adoption — 3 990 €
  • Live Birth Money Back Baby Guarantee programme (4 cycles of embryo adoption) — 11 900 €
    80% of the programme fee will be refunded if there is no baby born within 4 embryo adoption attempts

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