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Treatment at our clinic with Sperm donors from the European Sperm Bank

Having gained more than 20 years’ experience within Sperm, Embryo and Egg Donation treatments we are only too aware and of course fully understand how important the amount of information that you will receive about your sperm, or egg donor is to you. 

It is therefore no surprise to us that when looking for the right sperm donor women have turned to the Danish sperm banks for the offer of extended sperm donor profile, childhood photos and the option of ‘open’ contactable donors when their future child turns 18.

With this option in Denmark more and more of our patients were asking us if it was also possible at our clinic to:

  • Receive photos of the sperm donor?
  • Gain more in-depth information about the sperm donor?
  • Have an open ‘contactable’ sperm donor?

In the past, to gain this type of information, our patients have needed to choose their own sperm donor from one of the Danish Sperm banks and ship their chosen donor samples to St. Petersburg for their treatment cycles, this shipment process ensured that they could then gain the amount of information the desired. However, transportation of sperm samples internationally is an increasingly expensive process (1 400 € – 2 100 €) which made it, in many cases, an unattainable option for many women wanting to become a mother. This method and high cost, therefore, felt very unfair to us!

In 2017 we decided to find our own solution to the problem and formed a close collaboration with the European Sperm Bank. Being one of the largest sperm banks in Europe meant that our patients could now also benefit from the ESB bank of detailed sperm donor profiles, extensive donor screening process which in turn produced excellent results. Our continued collaboration with ESB means that we are now able to offer our patients access to a range of extended profile, open ‘contactable’ sperm donors without the high shipment costs!


If ordering a sperm sample at ESB web-site and transporting it to St.Petersburg

If choosing from ESB sperm donors available at our Clinic

ESB cost pro unit
open donor

489 € / 529 €

850 €


1 400 — 2100 €


Total cost

1889 — 2629 

850 €

The process of choosing a sperm donor is a very personal one and the criteria you use for choosing can vary based upon your own preferences and personal interests. You may wish to choose the donor based upon a physical similarity between the sperm donor and the important people in your life. You may wish to prioritize the sperm donors’ psychological, social, educational, or familiar background. Whatever your own personal criteria may be the main aim at our fertility Clinic is to provide you with the best opportunity of choosing your sperm donor, gaining the much-desired donor information and creating your own future child, without the high financial cost!

Please contact us if you’d like to receive our professional help with your sperm donor choice, or to see our current available donors!

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