Egg Donor ID 121764

1994 year born egg donor, 169 cm, 64 kg, Greyish-blue eye, Straight Middle blond hair, A mother of a boy, Medical college diploma, a paramedic

1994 169 cm 64 kg0+

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Why I became an egg donor

How I become an egg donor
Why have I decided to be an egg donor? Before the birth of our baby I couldn’t even imagine such a huge joy. Looking at my son, I can’t figure my life without him. Recalling my pregnancy, I find such pleasant feelings as all these movements and games inside, the insistence of small pushing feet and hands, his head under my heart! I wish as many women as possible could feel that at least once. And your first meeting with your baby will give you such inexpressible delight! I want to make you feel the same. Knowing that there are so many families who can’t get pregnant for different reasons makes me sad. At the same time, thanks to O.L.G.A. Fertility Clinic, hope and joy of maternity are possible. I believe my help, such an easy thing for me, will become a great part of someone’s life.
Knitting, reading
Main character traits
Attentive, Creative, Even-tempered, Accommodative, Calm, Careful, Caring, Cheerful, Decent, Easy-educated, Inquisitive, Harmonious, Hard-working, Friendly, Faithful, Fair, Interested, Kind, Punctual, Responsible, Responsive, Shy, Straightforward, Stress resistant, Tender, Thoughtful, Tolerant, Trustful, Unconflictive, Reserved, Polite, Modest, Neat, Optimistic, Patient, Reliable
Education level
Medical college diploma, a paramedic
A nurse
A mother of
a boy
Year of birth
Blood group and Rh factor
Height, cm
Weight, kg
Skin complexion
Fair (skin will tan lightly on sun exposure)
Eye colour
Hair color
Middle blond hair, Straight

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