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1990 year born egg donor, 160 cm, 59 kg, Greyish-blue eye, Wavy Dark blond hair, A mother of a boy, College diploma ( a tailor), going to get University degree in Law

1990 160 cm 59 kgB+

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Why I became an egg donor

Motivation letter
Why did I decide to become an egg donor? I suppose every woman being pregnant just once will understand me! It’s the most amazing feeling when you know that there’s a life inside you! A little part of you! Since the very first day when I saw two stripes, I was on the cloud nine if not higher! I was waiting for the first ultrasound where I heard the baby’s heartbeat. Then I started dreaming about my child’s appearance. A girl or a boy? The first tender movements inside made me smile and wait for them again and again! It’s unspeakable, you have to feel it. When I was told the sex of the baby the whole family wondered about the name and it made my waiting time more impatient. Time went really slowly. Finally, the delivery approached and I just couldn’t wait. It happened…I held my son in my arms, he was so fragile, I kissed him and burst into tears of happiness, that I was full of. It was the most long-awaited meeting in my life! My son grew up every day lightening our house as a sunray, bringing something new: his first smile and laughter and even the reaction on his reflection in the mirror, his first steps and lots of things…All these are priceless! I think every woman who wants to have a baby deserves to relive that herself. Unfortunately, sometimes we need a helping hand. And if I can help at least one family, I’ll do that with pleasure. That’s why when I only found out the egg donation programme, I certainly and quickly joined it. I believe future parents will hear the sacred phrase “You’re pregnant” soon and the word “Mommy” will come afterward. With my best regards to the future parents.17/03/2018
I've got many handmade hobbies - origami, handmade designed things, knitting, sewing. My child takes a lot of my time - I like spending time with him. I'm keen on law issues
Main character traits
Sociable, Optimistic, Responsive, Goal-oriented, Tender, Strict, Kind, Caring, Attentive, Goal-oriented, Attentive, Caring, Kind, Optimistic, Responsive, Sociable, Strict, Tender, Optimistic, Goal-oriented, Strict, Sociable, Responsive, Kind, Caring, Attentive, Tender
Education level
College diploma ( a tailor), going to get University degree in Law
A hairstylist and a tailor (part time job)
A mother of
a boy
Year of birth
Blood group and Rh factor
Height, cm
Weight, kg
Skin complexion
Fair (skin will tan lightly on sun exposure)
Eye colour
Hair color
Dark blond hair, Wavy

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