Egg Donor ID 315039

1997 163 cm 55 kg0+

Dancing and fitness

College diploma in Landscape Design

A sales manager

General and biometric information

Year of birth 1997
Height, cm 163
Height, foot 5' 5"
Weight, kg 55
Religion Christian
City of residence Leningrad region
Eye colour Brown
Hair color Middle blond hair
Hair specific Straight
Hair colour in your childhood Blond hair
Do you have grey hair? (from what age) No
Hair density Thick hair
Body frame slim
Skin complexion Medium (light colour, but will tan moderate to dark)
Freckles No freckles
Race European (Caucasian)

Nationality of grandparents

Father`s mother Russian
Father`s father Russian
Mother`s father Russian
Mother`s mother Russian

Supplementary information

Why I became an egg donor Becoming an egg donor, I become a part of something important and great. It is pleasant to realize what happiness this act will bring to a person, and not to one!
Right handed/ Left handed/ Ambidexter Right handed
Marital status Married
If married, how many years? Since 2016
Occupation A sales manager
Hobbies/interests Dancing and fitness
Current and future personal goals I'm still in search of myself, but my main goal is to raise my kid as a decent person
Add something about yourself I have a positive view of the world
Main character traits Calm, Kind, Optimistic, Responsible, Responsive, Attentive, Neat, Trustful, Hard-working, Thoughtful, Polite, Reserved, Punctual, Friendly, Forgiving, Straightforward, Stress resistant, Fair, Unconflictive, Patient

Medical and genetical information

Blood group and Rh factor 0+
Are you adopted? No
How many full siblings do you have? Sister
Contraception Coitus interruptus
Do you have/Did you have any gynecological diseases/surgeries? No
Do you wear hearing aids? Have any problems with hearing? No
Do you wear contact lenses/ glasses? Have any problems with eyesight? No
Have you had corrective eye surgery? For what problems (nearsighted, farsighted, other?) No
Please rate the health of your teeth Excellent
Have you ever had braces on your teeth? No
Do you smoke? No
How much alcohol do you consume per week/ month? Once in two months
Describe your type of diet No diet
Do you have any allergies? I am allergic to stomach pills for abdominal heaviness. I don't remember the name of the pills, but I had red rash. And I also can react to Amoxiclave with spots on my hands
Do you exercise regularly? Yes, I go to the gym
Do you take any prohibited drugs? No
Have you had a blood transfusion? No
Have you had been hospitalized for psychical reasons? No
Are there any triplets or twins in your genetic family? No
Have you had any stillbirths, miscarriages, abortions? No
Are you breastfeeding at the moment? No
Do you have any chronic diseases? No
Do you take any medications (prescribed or not)? No
Have you had any hospitalizations/ surgeries? Yes, I had an inguinal hernia in childhood. It was surgically removed when I was 4 years old
Do you have/Have you ever had these infections: chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes? No

Health condition of donor`s genetical family

Migraines No
Mental illness or disabilities No
Epilepsy No
Muscular dystrophy No
Hearing problems, deafness No
Colour blindness, blindness No
Wearing glasses/ contact lenses, Farsighted/ Nearsighted No
Glaucoma No
Schizophrenia No
Frequent depressions No
Serious congenital malformation No
Clubfoot No
Dwarfism No
Cardiovascular diseases No
More than two miscarriages No
Dermatomelasma, Neurodermatitis, Psoriasis No
Baldness (if yes, specify the age) No
Cancer (specify the type) No
Haemophilia No
Stroke No
Ulcer No
Ovarian tumor No
Uterine (Myoma) fibroids No
Alcoholism No
Drug addiction No
Diabetes before age of 55 No
Autism No

Donor's children

Gender Male 
Year of Birth 2016 
Hair colour Blond 
Eye colour Brown 
Body constitution Slim 
Age walked At 9 months 
Age toilet trained Since 2 years, consciously 
Has problems with hearing/ eyesight? None 
Hyperactive/ADHD/ADD? None 
Discipline problems None 
Mental deficiency None 

Donor's relatives

  Year of birth Hair colour Eye colour Height Weight, kg Health rate (1-5) Occupation 
Father 1965 Chestnut Brown 178 cm 75  Higher education, a chef. He likes traveling 
Mother 1970 Black Greenish-blue 170 cm 70  Higher education, a top hairstylist. She likes traveling 
Father`s father 1938 Dark Brown 178 cm 76  He worked at a metal construction factory 
Mother`s father 1944 Dark Light 175 cm 80  A welder. All his life he'd been working in construction 
Mother`s mother 1946 Dark Grey 170 cm 75  A cook and a tutor 
Father`s mother 1935 Ginger Light 168 cm 60  She worked at the factory 
Sister 1987 Ginger Greyish-green 172 cm 65  Higher education, a nail master. She likes cooking 

Social information and abilities

Education level College diploma in Landscape Design
What languages do you speak, read or write? I speak well only Russian, but I studied English and French at school
What musical instruments do you play? I used to play the piano, but presently I have no practice
What were/are your athletic skills/favourite sports? Volleyball
What are your plans for future education? From time to time I I take refresher courses
List 3 last jobs you have had (job title, duties, full-time or part-time job) A sales cashier; an online store administrator and a sales manager
Your philosophy is Everything in this life has its purpose. Nothing can be easy and stable
If you could pass on a message to the recipient(s), what would that message be? The main thing is to believe in success and go straightforward to your goal. Never give up!

Temper and preferences

Favourite food Home made food (soups and tasty main courses)
Favourite colour Green, pink, black and colors of the sea
Favourite season Summer
Favourite holiday New Year and birthday
Favourite book No
Favourite music style Deep House, Pop
Favourite movies Unusual and romantic movies of 90's
Do you believe in miracles? No
Do you follow the news? Sometimes
Do you believe in astrology? Yes
Do you pray? No
Do you have any pets? Yes
Do you speak with strangers while traveling? No
Do you make a wish after falling star? Yes

Learning and cognitive abilities

How well can you acquire knowledge, learning new skills? Do you enjoy it? I learn not from the first time, I have to repeat and I need explanations and showing how to do this or that. But over time I start doing it automatically.

Analysing abilities

How well can you analyze information, extract important and useful details? Do you enjoy it? Yes, I am good at analyzing, and I enjoy it.

Logic abilities

How well can you discuss things in a right and reasonable way, make conclusions? Do you enjoy it? It depends on the situation. It often helps me to sort out controversial situations.

Poetry abilities

How well can you write poems, set forth your thoughts in poems in a right and nice way? Do you enjoy it? No, I've never tried writing poems.

Narration and oratory abilities, elocutionary gift

How well can you retell stories, speak interesting and well in a nice manner? Do you enjoy it? Not really well, I prefer to keep silence and listen to the opponent. I can support my interviewer, I can ask questions, but I definitely don't like delivering speeches in public.

Linguistic abillities

How well can you learn and use languages (not only foreign languages, but also your native language)? Do you enjoy it? I studied English and French in my school years. I have some basic knowledge and I plan to improve my English. I like to travel and I want to feel free in communication with foreigners.

Communicative abilities

How well can you communicate, make new acquaintances, hand over information and receive information? Do you enjoy it? Easily, especially when I feel that I can find common language with a person.

Sport abilities, Having a skilled body

How well can you do sports, for instance: swimming, skiing, skating, playing volleyball and other physical activities? Do you enjoy it? Unfortunately, I don't attend sportive events, but I go to the gym and I can do home workouts since my body demands physical training.

Dancing abilities, choreographic abilities and one’s body plasticity

How well can you dance, move in rhythm with music, make dancing movements? Do you enjoy it? Yes, I really like it. I always loved music.

Imagination abilities

How well can you generate ideas, express your thoughts and ideas in a creative way? Do you enjoy it? I am way too sceptic.

Drawing abilities

How well can you draw or paint? Do you enjoy it? I used to attend drawing classes but I don't have time for that anymore.

Singing abilities, Having a good ear

How well can you sing, sing along, sing with karaoke, sing in a bathroom? Do you enjoy it? Unfortunately, I don't have a voice, but I've always been dreaming of singing.

Acting abilities

How well can you act as an actress: to enter into some role, to play up to somebody’s play? Do you enjoy it? No, that is not my cup of tea. I am what I am.

Personal motivation

Donation is one of the most amazing and life-saving things at present time. It can save, continue and give birth to a new life. That is what I am going to talk about. Egg donation is a way to help a couple struggling with infertility. It is amazing how, with the help of this procedure, they can give life not only to a new human being but to the whole family. Isn't it a miracle? Science gives a chance to a woman, who, for some reason, cannot get pregnant. To carry a baby and to give birth means life for a woman. That is how we are made. It is wonderful that women have an opportunity to experience the incredible emotions that birthgiving can give due to IVF treatment. I believe that it is one of the greatest and most amazing things in today's world. Becoming an egg donor, I become a part of something important and great. It is pleasant to realize what happiness this act will bring to a person, and not to one! To be an egg donor is a noble and very useful act, it changes both the donor's and the recipient's life. When you become a parent, your life changes, and so does your outlook, and you become a different person. This is the new stage which brings enormous happiness and joy. How great it is that we are able to change one's life for the better by giving an opportunity to have the most precious thing - a family. Thanks to those who are into exploring and developing this branch of medical science and to those who agree to become a donor.

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Our egg donors are young Caucasian women under the age of 32, mostly of north-European phenotype (fair skin, blue/grey/green/brown eyes, blond/brown hair). They have their own healthy children, good education (professional and higher) and regular jobs. Being mothers themselves, they have a true desire to help childless women experience the joy of motherhood.

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