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I'm very happy and proud to tell you that after a relatively easy and uncomplicated pregnancy a beautiful, healthy boy child was born....”

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Live birth or money back!

Live birth or money back!

Egg Donation money back

If you do not deliver a baby within 3 egg donation cycles 80% of your fee will be refunded

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21 900 €

Embryo Adoption money back

If you do not deliver a baby after 4 embryo transfers, 80% of the fee will be refunded

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11 900 €

What is IDEAS?

IDEAS is an International Donor Egg Agency St. Petersburg

IDEAS is an International Dedicated Enthusiastic Advanced Science-based Team of medical doctors, nurses, family counselors and patient coordinators from St. Petersburg, Sweden, Norway and the UK, whom make it possible for international patients to have a comfortable, stress-free and efficient fertility treatment in St. Petersburg.

IDEAS collaborates with the best fertility clinic in St. Petersburg called AVA-Peter Clinic. The AVA-Peter Clinic is the oldest private fertility clinic in Russia and has offered its experience and expertise in fertility treatments to national and international patients since 1996

The main goal of IDEAS

A healthy baby in your arms within the minimal time frame and with minimal stress. With huge emphasis on harmony in the mother-to-child relationship in the future

Our special approach to egg donation treatment

Treatment coordination

You do not need to worry about coordination of your and your donor’s cycle. You just need to tell us in which timings you prefer for your visit in St. Petersburg and which egg donor you have chosen and we will make it happen: we guide you through the whole process, step by step

Psychological support

We know that you may have ethical and emotional concerns related to becoming a mother through egg donation. We offer experienced counselling, free in all treatment programmes, which introduces and guides you through your treatment, pregnancy and beyond

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Egg donor choice

In egg donation clinics in Europe a donor is chosen for a patient by the clinical team based upon basic physical characteristics. IDEAS offers you a unique opportunity of making your own personal choice of the best egg donor based on your own priorities and human values.

Through years of experience in egg donation we understand that many couples and single women highly appreciate the opportunity of viewing egg donor photos, together with as much information and detail as possible about the egg donors and their families and that they would like to make their own choice. For many modern western women it feels unacceptable that someone else would make this choice for them!

Some women are looking for an egg donor with as much physical resemblance to their own looks as possible. For other women social, educational and familiar background of the egg donors play the most important role. The majority of patients are interested in finding out the reasons which brought the young women into becoming an egg donor?

To help our patients take the leading role in their choice of the best egg donor we have created the unique Egg Donor Database, which provides you with the following data and opportunities:

  • You can choose from more than 180 egg donors
  • There is no waiting time — each donor is available immediately
  • You can view the egg donors personal photos under the age 12
  • You can read the personal letters of the egg donors; telling about their lives and explaining why they became egg donors
  • All egg donors have their own healthy children and are in the age under 32
  • All egg donors are seen by 3 medical doctors (GP, Gynecologist and Psychiatrist) and undergo extensive laboratory testing
  • Less than 10% of potential applicants are included in the Database

Free Introductory package

Hesitating or insecure? Do you feel that you need more information and reassurance before plunging into the egg donor search? Or perhaps, you have never been through the egg donor choosing process before?

In this case, we are here to help and are glad to offer you our introductory package.

Our free introductory package about egg donation includes:

  • Skype meeting with our professional psychologists to introduce egg donation to you.
  • Skype/phone meeting with our former patients who have already created a family through egg donation and are now willing to share their experience with you.
  • Skype meeting with one of our egg donation team members to talk through the practical aspects of the egg donor choice.

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IDEAS Egg donor database (bank)

We want you to choose your own donor based upon your own individual needs and human values. To do this we will provide you with as much information as possible and will respect your choice! However, we are more than happy to advise you and guide you in this choosing process should you need it.

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Many patients who are looking for egg donation treatment have been through numerous IVF attempts before and have experienced many frustrations:

To our patients looking for egg donation we offer the following guarantees which protect you from the situations described above and from bad luck:

Having questions about guarantees?

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Now you have finally reached your end destination!  You don’t have to change clinic anymore, you have found the clinic that offers all the alternatives there are and more and will help you to reach your main goal: a child.  We welcome you to our clinic and are happy to offer you the largest and the most comprehensive Egg Donor Database and the best guarantee packages in the whole Europe. So come and join us!

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Embryo Adoption IDEAS

Welcome to Saint Petersburg


Why come to St. Petersburg?
'Lily from the other side of rainbow' book by Tone Bråten

Willeke and Mario from Netherlands come to AVA-Peter for egg donation treatment…
Enjoy this touching and sincere documentary by Jorien van Nes

To watch the full version of the documentary free of charge, please fill in form and we will be happy to provide you with a link and a password

Certificate ISO9001:2008

Certificate ISO9001:2008

We are the first Russian IVF clinic who developed and introduced quality management system (QMS) for IVF scopes in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We have been ISO 9001:2008 certified by LGA InterCert GmbH since 2008