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Introduction into egg donation / embryo adoption concept

Gentle and professional introduction into egg donation

Moving to egg donation is not an easy decision to make. It feels distant, not real, not about you. Quite often you have no supporting networkand you feel lost and confused with all the information that you find on the Internet.

We know how difficult it is to take the first step and the perplexing and tough questions you have to go through before you decide on egg donation.

  • Will I love the baby?
  • Will the baby love me?
  • Will everything be as NORMAL as it would have been had I used my own egg?
  • How shall I tell the child and my environment about an egg donor?

We are here to introduce you into the egg donationconcept from a moral, ethical and psychological perspective. We are here to support you; as we know that you need this support!

Unfortunately, this emotional support is usually hard find in your inner circle, as:

  • Egg donation is something you cannot ask your parents about, because they do not know anything about egg donation.
  • Egg donation is not a topic you can easily chat about with a friend over a cup of coffee;
  • How to choose an egg donor is not something we have learned from parents, or were taught at school.   

So, let us help with all the experience we have collected through more than 25 years of our work in fertility.

Do the questions above resonate with your thoughts and feelings?  Then you probably will need to go through some introductory steps to get ready to your egg donation process. We can provide you with up to date information and education. We are happy to provide it free of charge with our introductory package!

Within this free introductory package you can:

  1. Have a Skype consultation with our brilliant perinatal psychologists
    (to discuss your feelings and concerns, ethical and emotional questions around egg donation, including your future mother-child relationships, telling the child and the environment about an egg donor and other questions that are new for you, but have been present for almost 40 years in medical practice and professional literature).
  2. Meet our former patients who have already created a family through egg donation. This phone/Skype conversation will make it possible for you “to meet someone who has been through this” and to see “what is after”.
  3. Meet our egg donation team for a Skype consultation to discuss the practical aspects of egg donor choice — what parameters are important to look at? You may be interested to know that the members of our egg donation team are some of our former egg donors.

You can choose to have some or all 3 consultations. We recommend to complete the whole package and to be equipped with all the necessary information and tools to successfully proceed with your egg donation project. This introductory package is free of charge for you.

This information will fill in the missing parts of the education puzzle and put your mind at ease: you are not the only one encountering these questions and dilemmas. Luckily, thousands of patients have found the answers even before you started searching for them and we are ready to share them with you. Hundreds of reliable scientific articles in psychology, medicine and genetics have been published about families created through egg donation and our professionals are happy to provide you with this information. This educational package will enable you to get your profound ethical and emotional questions answered, to focus on practical aspects and to successfully go ahead with your egg donation project and starting with the egg donor choice.

The final goal of our introductory package: An EASY and NATURAL way towards your egg donor choice and therefore towards your child.

Request your free Introductory Package now!


  • Have you already been through psychological counseling about egg donation?
  • Do you feel that a baby created with the help of an egg donor will be entirely yours and you feel you know how to tell the child?
  • Or do you have friends who have children through egg donation and you see how harmonic their families are?

Then we believe you are ready to choose your egg donor now and we wish you a productive search!

TRUST YOURSELF in your egg donor choice

What do you need to know about the egg donor choice? There are so many criteria to choose from:

  • Physical resemblance
  • Intellectual abilities
  • Medical aspects
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Life outlooks and values

How not to get lost in all these details and to understand what your choice should be based upon?

The answer is simple — the right choice is based primarily on your response when you look at a donor’s profile. It is often called intuition, but it is based on more than just an initial thought or feeling.

Choose by heart, or it is more accurate to say — trust your brain when you make a choice.

Why brain? It is no surprise that our brain is an ingenious tool that generates much more than we can actually perceive. In the process of choice, our brain actually goes through all the criteria much faster than we do and chooses the option that is most similar and close to us.

It means that when you feel “the click” with one donor, or another, but cannot explain why, this is your brain that has already done all the work and sent you the signal of the approval.

So do not push back this feeling, trust this impulse as this is the key to success.

Now, while making your egg donor / embryo adoption choice, be picky and demanding, but at the same time let your intuition guide you.
And we are here for you any time you have questions or need a consultation.
Go ahead now!

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Introductory package is free of charge

Please note that all the consulting/educational/psychological skype sessions with our specialists are free of charge for you. This is our investment as a company in comfortable and successful collaboration with you as a Client and a Patient. If after this educational and consulting process you decide that egg donation is not a good option for you as a person — this is also good for us to know before we have spent months’ communication with you about something what you cannot accept on fundamental level.

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