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Our Fertility Specialists — Our brilliant Doctors!

Meet our Fertility Specialists — Our brilliant Doctors!

Each of our doctors has her own unique professional background and experience.

Dr. Olga Zaytseff is an internationally recognized fertility specialist. Her professional skills and knowledge in a combination with a very personal and caring approach,  have united a team of dedicated specialists and made it possible to launch the very first in Europe fertility treatments with a Baby Guarantee.  

Dr. Elena Lapina is a worldwide famous fertility surgeon who has created the first baby in Russia after ovarian tissue transplantation. Dr. Lapina has also established her unique approach to surgery of the uterus making it possible for patients with multiple fertility treatment failures to carry pregnancy themselves.

Dr. Alena Egorova has profound specialization in female endocrinology.

Dr. Ekaterina Alekseeva has 15 years’ experience in Prenatal fetal diagnostics.

Dr. Violetta Tikhomirova is a general practitioner (GP) and a certified ultrasound specialist.

This unique and broad spectrum of knowledge enables our Doctors to see each individual patient’s situation from different angles and find the most efficient approach!

The last but not the least important fact — all 5 of our doctors are former fertility patients themselves. Isn’t it amazing to have a doctor who will see your situation both with the eyes of a Doctor and a former Patient too?!

Our Nurses and Midwifes

Meet our nurses and midwifes

Katia Tint is our head nurse and the leading consultant of the nurses’ team, working with fertility patients since 2006. You will never find a question about fertility treatment that Katia cannot answer! In her excellent and attentive personal meetings and brilliant Skype consultations she will provide you with maximal amount of information about your fertility treatment process and will always make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You will also be pleased to know that you can meet Katia at our educational Seminars!

Olia Malysheva is our leading nurse working with fertility patients since 2006. Patients always tell us how much they love Olia for her warm and caring approach, which is always individualized to each patient’s needs. Olia will never stay indifferent in her approach to even your smallest concerns, worries or questions and is the one who will always answer your e-mail questions, addressed to nurses’ e-mail, no matter how small they may be, or when they are sent. When you visit our clinic Olia will be there to guide you through your life style questions and future medication plan for after your embryo transfer.

Olya Bobrova is highly qualified and respected nurse whom started her career in medicine in 2002. Olya is famous for helping our doctors to create your individualized treatment plan with all the precise dates, appointments and bookings to ensure an effective treatment cycle.

Ania Ogarkova is the “lady with the golden hands” finding any hidden vein to take a blood sample without you even noticing! She is one of the most experienced nurses in medical manipulations and will assist during your embryo transfer.

Varvara Dubrovina previously worked as a midwife; today she assists our doctors during medical examinations and consultations. Varvara is famous for being highly organized, focused and attentive to detail; ensuring the smooth running of the Doctors personal consultations.

Lisa Bagal previously worked as a midwife within the ambulance service and has many years of experience within this field. Today, Lisa is the one who will devote an hour to each of you, in a skype consultation, talking through all the steps of your treatment plan and ensuring you are confident and happy with the planned processes and medication.

Julia Voronina previously worked for several years within the hospital intensive care and surgery departments, now we are so lucky and happy that she has joined our team and our patients!

Our Patient coordinators

Meet our patient coordinators — your personal guides into egg donation journey!

We have an amazing international Coordination Team! Diana, Julia, Alla, Ann, Annie, Valeria and Valentina come from St. Petersburg, Maria — from Sweden, Tamsin – from the UK. Our coordinators speak English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and French. Some of our coordinators and former egg donors and some are former fertility patients themselves!

Our Egg Donation Team

Meet our dear Egg Donation Team

The team taking care of our active egg donors and running our egg donor database. We are so happy and proud of their contribution as egg donors in the past and as our brilliant Team members today! Our Egg Donation Team members will be able to tell you more about our egg donors, beyond that of the Catalogue. And will explain to you the practicalities of the egg donor choosing process (or donor embryo matching).  

Anna Macarova — egg donation team leader, professional translator, certified specialist in cross-cultural communications, former egg donor and former IVF patient. Anna has two children now.

Ksenia Pukhova — egg donor coordinator, is a professional in marketing and advertising, she is in charge of our egg donors’ networks. Ksenia is a mother of 3 children and our former egg donor.

Irina Kuznetsova — is a professional medical nurse, she cares for our egg donors during their donations, Irina is our former egg donor.

Our Psychologists’ team

Meet our psychologists’ team

We are delighted to introduce our Team of Psychologist. Nowhere else in Europe will you find psychologists and psychotherapists with the man focus on a woman and her inner world on her way to becoming a mother!

Svetlana Kolankova — is perinatal and reproductive psychotherapist. She cleverly guides you and helps you find your own unique way to becoming a mother, which would fit into the system of your personal human values. Svetlana’s own personal and professional journeys are fascinating and we believe that if she could change her own life, she may help you to change yours...

Anna Borodkina — perinatal psychologist and psychologist for children. She is very passionate to support womenin fertility journeys towards their children. Anna is very warm and giving personand puts lots of heart in her sessions with you.

Tatiana Varzaeva — a certified psychologist, working with women and couples that undergo fertility treatment, preparing for successful birth and parenthood, helping to overcome difficult experience in the past and get hope and inspiration for future. Tatiana has a brilliant combination of high professional leveland very attentive and sensitive approach to every woman.

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