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How are Donor Embryos created and matched to a recipient?

How donor embryos are created?

Donor embryos are created at our clinic only from donor eggs and sperm of the very best quality from professional, healthy, young donors. The donors have their own healthy children and no infertility issues.

As a part of our high standards, we do not use donor embryos left from other patients to eliminate the risk of passing problems with fertility on to the child.

We use top morphology donor blastocysts to ensure not only high rates of implantation, but also excellent live birth rates and low miscarriage rates.

Clinical pregnancy rates are above 60% in frozen transfers and above 70% in fresh transfers. Live birth rates are above 50% per embryo transfer.

We provide you with extensive information about each donor and give you the highest chance to become pregnant and have a live birth with a healthy baby. We are the only clinic in Europe offering embryo adoption with a guarantee of live birth, which means: a baby is born within four embryo adoption attempts, or we refund 80 % of the treatment cost.

Natural selection of the best sperm and egg

Donor embryos are created from fresh donated eggs and frozen/thawed donor sperm, fertilization consistently happens via IVF – a more natural method (just by combining the sperm and egg together in a test tube). IVF permits natural selection to take place to decide which sperm is going to be the one that fertilizes the egg. This is different to other clinics that use patient donated embryos, which are often created through an ICSI process as a result of the genetic mother and father’s fertility problems. In case of ICSI, a sperm for fertilizing an egg is chosen, not by competition and natural selection, but by an embryologist.

Close 5-day monitoring in the lab

The donor eggs that have been collected and fertilized by the donor sperm grow in our lab for 5 days, under the attentive supervision of our experienced embryologists. Throughout this period the active internal process of dividing and developing takes place. We consider it crucial to monitor the embryo development in the laboratory for not less than 5 days because half of the embryos which develop well on day 2 and 3 stop its development on day 5. When we grow for 5 days, we at least can exclude those embryos which have stopped development by day 5. When donor embryos are 5 days old they are called blastocysts. At this point it is possible to perform the final grading and to conclude which of the embryos are most likely to attach in the uterus. The most promising top morphology donor embryos are then frozen via vitrification method and become the embryos that we offer our patients in the embryo adoption programmes.

Embryo donors: Who are they?

We accept less than 10 % of potential applicants willing to become sperm and egg donors

The egg and sperm donors who take part in our embryo donation programmes are comprehensively checked for medical fitness and mental health throughout the recruitment and medical evaluation process. Regardless of who we suggest as donors, you should feel comfortable that these requirements have been met.

Our Egg Donors: Healthy, educated, good-looking women under the age of 32 with their own healthy children.

Children, motherhood and family – are main values of our egg donors. Helping you become a mother gives them the opportunity of making this world a little better and gives you the invaluable gift of motherhood.  Our egg donors unite themselves in social networks sharing and supporting each other. Egg donation is an important contribution for every egg donor and a priceless gift for every recipient.

All potential egg donors are seen by three different specialized medical doctors (gynecologist, general practitioner and psychiatrist) and undergo laboratory testing (blood tests). This detailed medical evaluation ensures that we can give you donor eggs that are of the best quality and therefore, present you with the greatest chance of success with donor embryos that are highly effective.

The donors are also given a psychological screening and counseling to make sure they are completely comfortable with committing to the egg donation process. The egg donor selection process ensures that we can provide you with the reassurance you need to make your choice.

Our Sperm donors: active, healthy, good-looking, intelligent men

All potential sperm donors are seen by three medical doctors, undergo laboratory testing and psychological counselling.

Our sperm donors are 25-40 years old with healthy children of their own. Our comprehensive medical evaluation process for sperm donors ensures we can provide you with the best quality sperm which will give you the greatest chance of success.

Now we have the opportunity to offer you donor embryos created with donor sperm from the European Sperm Bank. This means that you can gain access to extended profiles of not only our egg donors, but also of the sperm donors from the European Sperm Bank too. You also have the option of using an open sperm donor.

How donor embryos are matched?

Your donor embryos are matched to you by our experienced donation team on the basis of your physical- and other characteristics.

♀ All our egg donors provide comprehensive information regarding their health, social lives, interests and hobbies as well as their childhood photos, these are available for you in their extensive profiles in our database. We are glad to send you these extended profiles whilst offering you the embryos so that you can make a thoughtful and deliberate decision.

♂ All our sperm donors are thoroughly medically screened. They give us information about their education, job and family status. Now we also have the opportunity to offer you donor embryos created with donor sperm from the European Sperm Bank. This means that you can gain access to extended profiles and have the option of using an open sperm donor.

Donor embryo matching process: 3 Basic Stages

  1. We ask you to send us photos of you in different age periods (your childhood, teenage years and adult photos) so that we can see how your appearance has been changing through the years and find the sperm and egg donors who match you the best
  2. We will then take around one week to come up with a proposal for you – our suggestion of a combination of sperm and egg donors that matches you most in their looks.
  3. When the matching is completed, your personal coordinator will send you the sperm and egg donor profiles for your approval

However, if you would rather choose an egg donor yourself, or if our donor offer doesn’t meet your requirements, or expectations, you can search our comprehensive online Catalogue of Egg Donors and gather detailed information on their character traits, social and educational background. You can then choose one of our egg donation programmes and combine it with the donor sperm from our bank, or any other European bank, to create donor embryos that are a better fit for your personal values and needs. In case you would like to have your sperm donor from another sperm bank it would be our pleasure to assist with the shipping of the sperm for you.

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