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Egg donation and embryo adoption: process for recipients

The egg donation (embryo adoption) journey towards a long-desired baby is a very special and emotional experience for every woman. We have therefore made the process for recipients of donor eggs and embryos as comfortable, simple  and successful as possible!

In fact, we have made our embryo adoption and egg donation process so straightforward and efficient that it has become possible to offer our patients a guarantee of a baby!

This means that if a baby is not born within three egg donation IVF attempts (or 4 transfers of donor embryos in an embryo adoption programme), we will return 80% of the money they have paid. However, in most cases, due to our embryo

The egg donation (embryo adoption) journey towards a long-desired baby is a very special and emotional experience for every woman. We have therefore made the process for recipients of donor eggs and embryos as comfortable, simple  and successful as possible!

In fact, we have made our embryo adoption and egg donation process so straightforward and efficient that it has become possible to offer our patients a guarantee of a baby!

This means that if a baby is not born within three egg donation IVF attempts (or 4 transfers of donor embryos in an embryo adoption programme), we will return 80% of the money they have paid. However, in most cases, due to our embryo adoption and egg donation process being so efficient and successful, it is not long before a healthy baby is born!

What is different between the egg donation process and an embryo adoption process?

The treatment process for both, the recipients of donor eggs and of donor embryos, is exactly the same.

There are just three other differences:

  1. Sperm:
    • In our egg donation programme the sperm of the partner or that of a private/specific sperm donor  is used and the embryos are created for the recipient in ‘real time’ using fresh eggs.
    • In our donor embryo program  embryos are already created  from fresh donor eggs and donor sperm and are stored in our embryo bank, giving the recipient a wide variety of embryos for use. By also creating embryos with sperm from the European Sperm bank means we can also offer ‘contactable’ sperm donors  →
  2. Choosing an egg donor and matching of donor embryos:
    • Donor egg recipients can choose their personal donor from our extensive Catalogue of Egg Donors or ask the Team to choose an egg donor for them. Then the eggs of this egg donor are fertilized with the sperm of the partner or chosen sperm donor.
    • Donor embryo recipients ask the Donor Team to match donor embryos to them based on physical characteristics from our donor embryo bank; these embryos are already created and on average there are around 100 variations available.

    Both the recipient of donor eggs and embryos will receive access to photos of their egg donor, as well as their extended profiles. If preferred recipients can also choose to use contactable extended profile sperm donors from European Sperm Bank.

  3. The duration of stay in St. Petersburg:

    Due to the use of already created embryos the duration of stay is shorter in our embryo adoption programmes and longer in our egg donation programme. (See step 6 for more detailed information).

The Embryo and Egg Donation process for recipients in 7 simple steps:

Most of your embryo adoption, or egg donation steps  you will perform whilst in your home country. We will provide you with step-by-step guidance  and consultations carried out by skype, email and telephone  to make every step clear and comfortable for you. You will arrive in St. Petersburg only to complete the final steps of your egg donation process when your donor embryos are ready created or your chosen egg donor is ready for egg collection and your body, mind and soul are ready for embryo transfer.

Step 1: Your first consultation with your personal Patient Coordinator

Our team member, who will be your personal coordinator, who will remain with you throughout your treatment programme, will get in touch with you within a short time after you complete our online form. This form will help us to understand your situation and personal needs.

Contact us

From this very first step on your embryo adoption, or egg donation process, your personal coordinator will be guiding you through the entire journey, assisting with all the required details and making the process smooth, comfortable and efficient. Your personal coordinator will arrange all of your individual consultations with our specialists. These specialists include Nurses, Doctors, Psychologists and Egg Donation Team members. Your personal coordinator can also connect you to our former patients, who are happy to provide a reference and share with you their own embryo adoption, or egg donation experiences. All communication will be done through skype, email and telephone.

It is very important for us that you have a direct contact person within our team whom will be in direct daily dialog with you, whenever you have questions or need help – This will be your personal Patient Coordinator and she will stay with you throughout your treatment cycle.

Meet our patient coordinators — your personal guides into egg donation journey!

Meet our patient coordinators — your personal guides into egg donation journey!

We have an amazing international Coordination Team! Diana, Julia, Alla, Ann, Annie, Valeria and Valentina come from St. Petersburg, Maria — from Sweden, Tamsin – from the UK. Our coordinators speak English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and French. Some of our coordinators and former egg donors and some are former fertility patients themselves!

Step 2: Your Skype consultation with one of our Leading Doctors.

Your personal coordinator will arrange an individual Skype consultation for you with one of our Leading Doctors at a time comfortable for you. This consultation is free of charge. During this consultation you are going to discuss with the doctor your medical history, the doctor will study your medical records (and those of your partner if applicable), you will also start talking through your individual medical strategy, and of course, discuss your medical questions.

We follow the principles of personalized medicine. The principle of personalized medicine is based on a thorough study of a specific medical case, finding the underlying reasons and understanding the chain of reactions which brought our patient to their current medical situation. We apply individually designed therapeutic tactics that will be effective for a particular person, we do not just offer the same tactics to a large group of people whom have similar or different problems.

It is you, and only you, that is the focus of our professional interest to find the most efficient shortcut to your long-desired baby. It is both our goal and reward.

Now you understand, why it is so important that you provide us with all of your past medical treatment records and inform us of anything that may affect your treatment in the future, as this information will enable us to give you the very best medical care and the highest chances of success.

This Specialist Consultation is free of charge!

Meet our Fertility Specialists — Our brilliant Doctors!

Meet our Fertility Specialists — Our brilliant Doctors!

Each of our doctors has her own unique professional background and experience.

Dr. Olga Zaytseff is an internationally recognized fertility specialist. Her professional skills and knowledge in a combination with a very personal and caring approach,  have united a team of dedicated specialists and made it possible to launch the very first in Europe fertility treatments with a Baby Guarantee.  

Dr. Elena Lapina is a worldwide famous fertility surgeon who has created the first baby in Russia after ovarian tissue transplantation. Dr. Lapina has also established her unique approach to surgery of the uterus making it possible for patients with multiple fertility treatment failures to carry pregnancy themselves.

Dr. Alena Egorova has profound specialization in female endocrinology

Dr. Ekaterina Alekseeva has 15 years’ experience in Prenatal fetal diagnostics.

Dr. Violetta Tikhomirova is a general practitioner (GP) and a certified ultrasound specialist.

This unique and broad spectrum of knowledge enables our Doctors to see each individual patient’s situation from different angles and find the most efficient approach!

The last but not the least important fact — all 5 of our doctors are former fertility patients themselves. Isn’t it amazing to have a doctor who will see your situation both with the eyes of a Doctor and a former Patient too?!

Step 3: Introduction into Egg Donation (Embryo Adoption) from an Ethical, Emotional and Social Perspective.

Both egg donation and embryo adoption are very special ways of creating a baby. So special that it can initially feel very surrealistic :

  • Am I going to put someone else’s egg in my belly to create my child?
  • Will I love this child? Will the child love me?
  • Will everything be and feel as normal as it would have been if I had used my own egg?

Of course, you have all these questions and mixed feelings — everyone does!

And for obvious reasons it is impossible to ask parents or friends: “how was it for you when you did egg donation (embryo adoption)”? Most likely they have never heard of egg donation, or embryo adoption, because these fertility treatments are relatively new.

So what should you do?

Stay isolated? Or Just try to fit yourself into this surreal concept like if you would into clothes that do not fit?

Well, we have some better solution  for you!

We are pleased to offer you our introductory course,  which will help you to understand and embrace your egg donation (embryo adoption) journey:

  1. Our Psychologists will introduce  you into the egg donation or embryo adoption concept from both an emotional and ethical perspective; they will talk with you about important aspects, such as mother-child bond and how to tell the child. They will also help you to talk through your individual questions and concerns.

    It is so important to get this information and advice from professionals,  who have vast experience of others in the same situation and whom can give you the tools to deal with your current situation in the most effective and suitable way for you as an individual.

    This consultation will take place via Skype and your personal coordinator will help you to find the most convenient time when you are at home and can talk openly in private. This consultation is free of charge!

Meet our psychologists’ team

Meet our psychologists’ team

We are delighted to introduce our Team of Psychologist. Nowhere else in Europe will you find psychologists and psychotherapists with the man focus on a woman and her inner world on her way to becoming a mother! Our psychologists help you better understand and accept ethical and emotional aspects of donation, feel normal and not alone during ups and downs of fertility treatment.

  1. Our former patients will also share  with you how they have followed their own egg donation journeys  and how normal their life is today! Many tell us that they have forgotten what was so special in these journeys to their children — this is the best message they can give to you too; today they are parents of healthy children and everything is as normal as in any other family.
    But many do remember their initial feelings and concerns when they made their fertility treatment choices, and can tell you how they  have solved these and when? 
    This one-to-one  talk to a former patient will also take place via phone or Skype, and will be booked by your coordinator at a time convenient for you.
    This communication with former patients is off course free of charge.

Meet our former patients

Meet our former patients

Watch / read stories of our patients

We hope you understand that based on our years of experience we have created a wonderful circle of warm, caring and professional people around you to support you during this very special journey. From the very first steps to a baby in your arms!

Step 4: Your egg donor choice — let our Egg Donation Team help you!

You feel that Egg Donation (Embryo Adoption) is a journey that you could make? However, you are still wondering ‘who are these young women who donate their eggs’?

Our egg donors are young women of 19-32 years old, they all have healthy children of their own and they fully appreciate this precious gift in life. Many of them tell us that they cannot imagine what it would be like not to have children in their lives, so their donations are to help other women to become happy mothers just as they are themselves.

Meet our dear Egg Donation Team

Meet our dear Egg Donation Team

The team taking care of our active egg donors and running our egg donor database. We are so happy and proud of their contribution as egg donors in the past and as our brilliant Team members today!

We are so happy and proud of their contribution as egg donors in the past and as our brilliant Team members today!

Our Egg Donation Team members will be able to tell you more about our egg donors, beyond that of the Catalogue. And will explain to you the practicalities of the egg donor choosing process (or donor embryo matching).  

Your consultation with one of our Egg Donation Team members  will be booked for you by your personal coordinator and will take place via Skype at a time convenient for you. There is no charge for this consultation!

Presented with all this information and your talks with the opportunity to ask any question you might have had, you are now fully equipped with everything that you need to know before making the best egg donor choice (or ideal donor embryo matching) together with help from the Team!

After having been introduced to the process of egg donor choice or the donor embryo matching process by our professional, warm and caring team, you will make the perfect choice easily and successfully! Now you know the criteria you have personally and you have focus on the practical aspects of choice. You will now be able to take the next step on your journey!

Request access to our online Catalogue of Egg Donors now

You are not alone in making your egg donor choice, we are here for you:

After looking through the database and selecting the egg donors who you feel you ‘click’ with, we will be glad to offer you a Skype consultation with our egg donation team members.  You will discuss with them the egg donors whom you have chosen and they will help you to narrow down the choice, as well as to offer you any other donors that they feel are suitable and you may have missed!

If you are looking into the opportunities of embryo adoption — we will be delighted to match ideal donor embryos for you! Please send us your photos (2-3 recent ones and 2-3 in your 20s) and we will come back to you with our most ideal proposals!

Step 5: Your individual treatment plan for Egg Donation and Embryo Adoption

When you have given us the dates that are convenient for you  to be in St Petersburg we will prepare your individual treatment plan that will ensure that your body is ready for the embryo transfer within this time window you have chosen  (this can be done independently of your cycle to match your time of convenience for travel). Please note that the process of creating your treatment plan can be ongoing with your egg donor choosing process (or donor embryo matching).

Your individual treatment plan will include:

  • The precise time schedule of your treatment from where you are today in your current cycle and situation, up to your embryo transfer in St. Petersburg;
  • The list of the medications, with the dosages and dates of when and how to start on them;
  • The dates to visit your local doctor for an ultrasound examinations and description of which information parameters we need;
  • Your arrival and departure dates to St. Petersburg with all the detailed time table of consultations and procedures at the clinic;
  • The list of the laboratory tests that we will do for you at our clinic free-of-charge the first morning after your arrival.

You will have a Skype consultation with one of our nurses or midwifes  to discuss every detail of your egg donation treatment  plan  and to answer all your questions about medication. 

Meet our nurses and midwifes

Meet our nurses and midwifes

Your individual treatment plan will start the preparation for the embryo transfer whilst being in your home country; You do not need to come to our clinic at this stage.

90% of the steps of your preparation for your embryo transfer can be carried out in your home country, with distant support from our team and with a little assistance from your local doctor (2-3 ultrasound examinations and a prescription for medication as described by us in your treatment plan).

Please print out your treatment plan and take it with you to your appointment with your local doctor; Please pass to your local doctor our best wishes and regards! If you don’t have a local doctor, whom you can contact for ultrasounds and prescriptions, please let us know and will be glad to put you in contact with the one.

Step 6: Your visit to Saint Petersburg for the embryo transfer

Your personal coordinator will help you with your visa application process and with arranging your trip to St. Petersburg. We will provide you with the best advice as to the choice of hotel, restaurants, sights and theatres.

*If you are using donor eggs and the sperm of your partner both of you will visit St Petersburg once:

  • Your Partner for providing his semen sample  for fertilization (and/or freezing);
  • You alone, or together with your partner — for the embryo transfer. The duration of the stay is 11-12 days and depends upon the details of your egg donation schedule. In your Skype consultation with our specialists, the best schedule, suitable for your personal medical situation will be recommended, this is also based on your preferences and convenience.

*If you are using donor embryos you will visit St Petersburg just once:

  • You will come to St. Petersburg only once — for the embryo transfer. The duration of the stay is 3-4 days. In your Skype consultation with our specialists the best schedule, suitable for your medical situation, will be recommended. The timing and duration is also based on your preferences and convenience.

When you come to Saint Petersburg, you will be:

  • Met at the airport by our professional driver
  • Invited to join our educational seminar about embryology, genetics and pregnancy
  • Shown around our beautiful city on your free guided tour by our knowledgeable guides
  • Invited to have your laboratory tests at our clinic
  • Seen by our doctor for an ultrasound scan and further medical recommendations
  • Explained the results of your eggs, sperms and the quality of embryos
  • Seen by our nurse for an explanation of how to stay pregnant and avoid miscarriage
  • Seen by a general practitioner for a general health examination
  • Receive your embryo transfer
  • Be returned by our driver to the airport in time for your flight home

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your questions with our coordinators, nurses and doctors.

Contact us

Step 7: Continuation of care upon your return home

In our Egg Donation and Embryo Adoption programmes we are proud of our 74,2% clinical pregnancy rates per fresh embryo transfer  and 60% clinical pregnancy rates per frozen embryo transfer. In addition, the risk of miscarriage in pregnancies created from younger eggs is considerably less compared to the risk of miscarriage in natural pregnancies for women of advanced reproductive age.

However, our experience shows that a pregnancy achieved by egg donation, or embryo adoption requires some additional support and care in the first few of months. Therefore, during your stay in St. Petersburg (when you come to do your embryo transfer) you will be fully informed  as to how to take preventative steps to avoid a miscarriage. Our philosophy is that anticipation and prevention  are far better than merely reacting if something happens. We are proactive in prevention of miscarriages.

Following the initial time frame of 2.5 months  after your embryo transfer your home country regular antenatal team will be able to provide the usual guidance and support of your pregnancy. However, our Team are still here to help you with any concerns and medical advice you may have. Our mutual final goal is to ensure that you deliver a healthy baby.

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Read more about the physiology of pregnancy after egg donation, or embryo adoption here →

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