Lina’s story: baby born on the very first attempt with own eggs at O.L.G.A. Clinic after 3 unsuccessful IVFs in Denmark and 2 unsuccessful egg donations in Spain!

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My name is Lina and I am a former patient at OLGA Fertility Clinic.

Almost two years ago I was sitting at the seminar at Strandvägen in Stockholm listening to Dr. Olga. I was devastated as I had already done several failed fertility treatments and I didn't know what to do next.

Eight months ago I gave birth to my son Nicholas who was conceived through IVF treatment with my own eggs at OLGA Fertility Clinic.

My journey didn't start at OLGA Fertility Clinic. I had been trying to get pregnant for almost 4 years before I came to OLGA. My journey started in Copenhagen with inseminations. I did six inseminations that failed and I was pregnant only once but it was an early miscarriage. I was about thirty years old when I started with my inseminations. When we realized that I would not have a lasting pregnancy with inseminations, the doctors recommended IVF treatment. I did three IVF treatments in Denmark. Every time I got out approximately twelve eggs but only two of them got fertilized. During those three treatments only one embryo survived to be transferred. My two other transfers were cancelled because there were no alive embryos on day two. The doctors didn’t have any explanation for this. They basically said that my egg quality was very bad and they recommended me to do egg donation instead.

Since I needed both sperm donation and egg donation, and at this point in time it was not legal in Sweden or Denmark, I went to Spain and I did two egg donations. One failed and with another one I got pregnant but it was another early miscarriage. The doctors in Spain told me - "It seems like you not only have a bad egg quality, but there is also something wrong with your uterus ". Basically, they said - "We can try another time, but it might be that you have something in your uterus, so it might not work".

That was the point in time when I decided to change clinic. I contacted Dr Olga to get help with embryo donation.

In April 2018 I visited Dr Olga’s seminar at Strandvägen. Dr. Olga read my detailed medical chart that I prepared for our meeting and she said that she thought that the options with my own eggs were not exhausted and she wanted to try IVF with my own eggs. I was so surprised! I remember sitting there crying because there were so many doctors that had told me, both in Denmark and Spain, that I would never become mother with my own eggs. It is important to know that I was rather young at that stage - I was thirty two when I went to the seminar. But anyway I was very surprised and I decided to do my treatment at OLGA Fertility Clinic.

I started my stimulation in June 2018 and in July I went to Saint- Petersburg to do my egg retrieval. Dr. Elena Lapina was doing the retrieval and she got out twelve eggs. Out of those twelve eggs - eight fertilized. You remember my old history in Denmark there only two out of twelve eggs got fertilized. Now eight were fertilized! I was in shock! I thought that Dr. Elena was a magician! And what was even better was that out of those eight fertilized eggs five blastocysts were frozen! And, you know, in Denmark I only had like one two-day embryo and the rest of the transfers were cancelled. So

I was so surprised that I almost thought they had confused my eggs with eggs belonging to an egg donor.

I went back to Saint-Petersburg for my transfer in October 2018. Unfortunately, that transfer failed. I went back to Saint-Petersburg a few weeks later for a hysteroscopy, also performed by Dr. Elena. At the hysteroscopy they found that I had a chronic inflammation in my uterus and also micro polyps that made it really difficult for an embryo to attach to my uterus. The doctors did a light scratching and I got some antibiotics and some other medicine. Another four weeks later I went back again and had my second embryo transfer. That was the time when my baby was conceived, and in August 2019 my son Nicholas was born.

I am so grateful to Dr. Olga and Dr. Elena and I wish I had gone to you much earlier. I will never be able to thank you enough. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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