Hope — your help through infertility treatment

Hope — your help through infertility treatment

When you go through infertility treatment it can sometimes feel hard to keep your hope up and to really believe that you will one day get pregnant and become a mum.

The definition of hope is to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen, or be true.

What I find interesting with hope is how strong it is and how this feeling helps you through treatment. Without hope, there is no infertility treatment. That is why hope is an important subject in my sessions with patients.

Ask yourself: how do you manage to keep your hope up? Your answer is important, it leads you towards your dream.

Some patients tell me that they are nearly giving up and that they don’t believe in their child project anymore. But I know that most likely, within a short time, they will continue their journey towards their wanted child, they still have their hope. Hope is the last feeling that disappears in this project. 

During fertility treatment, it’s sometimes hard to keep the hope up, especially if you have experienced several failed attempts or miscarriages.

Maybe you think that you always have to keep your hope up, stay strong and think positive every day during infertility treatment, which is not what I think.

I think that we sometimes during certain periods need to accept our frustration, our negative thoughts and tears. These reactions will help us to remember how important we find this project and how important it is to continue.

When patients tell me that it’s hard to keep their hope up, I tell them that they can imagine that they will leave their hope in my office for a while and that I take care of it until they are ready to take it back.  When they feel strong enough and time has helped them to process their feelings, they can come and get it back.

What affects your hope?

  • The people around you, their attitude and support
  • Success rates and professionality at the clinic — makes you confident and hopeful
  • Emotional support from professional counselors
  • Your illusions of yourself being a mum and the thoughts and dreams of your future life with a child.

Behind the feeling of hope, there is the strong maternal instinct, the love, the dream and the future that you believe can be true and really happen.

But if during your treatment you find it hard to keep your hope up, ask a close friend or a family member to keep your hope for a little while, until you are ready to take it back.

I know you will be ready again!

Good luck!
Tone Bråten

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