Welcome to your end destination!

Welcome to your end destination!

Many of my patients from the clinic feel relieved, this is because they have finally reached their end destination. They have now chosen an IVF clinic that offers them the fertility treatment they need to finally become pregnant, they are happy and confident that will not need to change fertility clinics anymore!

My patients have often had a long history with several IVF attempts and have been patients at many different fertility clinics around the world. Now they feel that they have finally reached their end destination in St. Petersburg.

Due to different regulations in law, there are many fertility clinics around the world that do not have the opportunity to offer all the alternatives that are needed to create a miracle — a baby!

In some countries, it is forbidden to use, or offer, egg donation, sperm donation, embryo adoption, or PGS. 

This means that if a couple has been through several previous IVF attempts using their own genetic material and this has been unsuccessful, they may now need to also change IVF clinic if sperm or egg donation is the next step and the laws in the country do not allow the treatment they need.

It can be a very tough process to change fertility clinic, you need to accept that your previous fertility treatment has failed and that you will no longer have the medical support from the nurses and doctors that really wanted to help you.

My advice to you is to find a fertility clinic that offers every alternative that you may need to pregnant so that you will know that you have reached your end destination and there will be no more changing in the future.

I am happy to work for a clinic that offers all of these fertility treatment alternatives: egg donation, embryo adoption, sperm donation and PGS. With their high success rates, I am confident that they will enable you to get pregnant and to bring a child into this world.

When you have struggled for a long time to get pregnant you need more alternatives, you need to feel confident, you need to have hope and you need to feel that you are taken care of. This will make your future fertility treatment a lot easier emotionally.

I know you will want to reach your goal as soon as possible; you are so ready to become a parent! I know that you will want the fertility treatment to end and to become pregnant as quickly as possible, I know that it is important for you to see the end of this child project!

I talk to every patient at the beginning of their fertility treatment and I give them the support they need when it comes to the emotional and the ethical part of the treatment.

What I say to my patients is:

Welcome to your end destination! Now you won’t have to change fertility clinics anymore, you won’t have to change doctors, nurses, or coordinators because we know that we can offer you every treatment that you may need to get you pregnant.

Our professionality will make you feel confident!

We have one goal and that is to make you pregnant and while we are doing this we want to take care of you both medically and emotionally.

All you need to do is to trust the professionality of the clinic and feel reassured that the time you spend with us will finally give you the result you have been longing for.

Welcome to your end destination!

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