Egg Donor ID 179694

1996 year born egg donor, 160 cm, 52 kg, Green-brown eye, Wavy Brown hair, A mother of a girl, College diploma in repairing steel ships, getting a degree in engineering

1996 160 cm 52 kg0+

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Why I became an egg donor

Motivation letter
Why did I decide to become a donor? As long as I can remember I was raised by my grandmother with grandfather and father. I almost didn't remember my mother, she died too early. And I've regularly seen how all children were taken away from the kindergarten or from the school by their mother and father, and I was taken away only by father and sometimes my granny. It was so hurtful for me that all the children had both mother and father, and I had an only father. But what a father! He can do absolutely everything: he braided my hair, he did makeup and hairstyle for me for the competitions. And other girls asked him to do makeup and hairstyle for them also. When I was keen on drawing he explained to me what, why and how. I'm very proud of my father. Thanks to him I achieved a lot of successes and victories, although I see how it is hard for him to work and simultaneously to raise my brother and me. He never says that he has no time for us and even if he is tired he wouldn't show it. When I grew up I decided that my baby would have everything, he wouldn't have the necessity to repeat my and my brother's experience. I gave my word that my baby would have both mother and father and they would be always near no matter what. My dream came true when I was 19 years old when I and my boyfriend have seen cherish 2 strips. I remember it vividly how I jumped from joy, was happy and crying at the same moment. We were over the moon that our baby would be born soon. Many people told me that I spoiled my future, that I had to think about studying, that it is too early to have a child. I didn't understand how the baby could damage my life. I saw only positive: my child would have young parents, and I would as an older sister for him, with whom he could talk, tell secrets and get advice. I was supported only by my relatives. And now I'm 22 years old (*in 2019) and I'm a happy mother. My little princess is 2 years old and I have no regrets. Last year I've gotten a college diploma. And all those who told me that it was early to have a baby now look at my little girl and tell me that they were wrong and that they also want such a miracle. I want to help girls who unfortunately can't get a baby. I think that every woman wants to become a mother and if I can help to give them a chance to make this dream come true I'm all for it. Let every woman will hear the first cry of her baby and will see his unforgettable smile.
I draw, write poetry, fond of psychology, sports, do massage.
Main character traits
Fair, Faithful, Forgiving, Friendly, Generous, Good sense of humour, Hard-working, Harmonious, Emotional, Easy-educated, Decent, Even-tempered, Goal-oriented, Active, Attentive, Careful, Caring, Cheerful, Creative, Inquisitive, Interested, Shy, Sociable, Straightforward, Stress resistant, Strong-willed, Thoughtful, Trustful, Unconflictive, Sensitive, Responsive, Responsible, Kind, Leader, Modest, Open-hearted, Optimistic, Polite, Reliable, Reserved, Thoughtful, Unconflictive, Straightforward, Sociable, Trustful, Strong-willed, Stress resistant, Open-hearted, Harmonious, Inquisitive, Interested, Kind, Leader, Modest, Optimistic, Polite, Shy, Sensitive, Responsive, Responsible, Reserved, Reliable
Education level
College diploma in repairing steel ships, getting a degree in engineering
A mother of
a girl
Year of birth
Blood group and Rh factor
Height, cm
Weight, kg
Skin complexion
Medium (light colour, but will tan moderate to dark)
Eye colour
Hair color
Brown hair, Wavy

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