Dr. Violetta Tikhomirova General practitioner (GP)
Certified ultrasound specialist

Dr. Violetta Tikhomirova

"I’m really glad to be in so friendly team, where each member’s role is essential and invests in our main goal – to gift people a happiness of being parents. Truly, children are our happiness and a great gift, they are our future! I am responsible for egg donors’ coordination and the donor’s recruitment, I’m looking for young ladies who wish to help and to become an egg donor. I’m in charge of all donor’s medical examinations arrangement, collecting the information about the donor and the donor database maintenance.

It is relevant for me to set a psychological contact with young ladies-donors in order to understand their motivation, their fears and their needs in my support. I feel my main task to tell the donor about all medical and organizational moments of our further collaboration in order to make the donor confident and safe. As a result, we get a well-established and easy donation. I consider our work quite interesting, because it is connected with modern technologies in a unique process of new life conception. And the main stimulus of our work is a result. It worths all our efforts!"

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