Anna Macarova The head of Egg Donor Coordination team

Anna Macarova

Anna Macarova joined us in December 2011. Anna plays an essential role in communicating with potential and active egg donors, who just like any fertility patient, need to be guided through initial consultations, medical examinations, the stimulation protocol and finally egg collection and recovery time afterwards.

“The process of donor database creation starts from a moment when one nice young lady decides to become an egg donor. Sometimes it can take about a year and more for making this decision. We provide all applicants with vast information resourсes in order to get thoughtful and understanding egg donors. Communication with potential egg donors and present egg donors takes much time and, definitely, invests much in a solid relationship between a donor and the clinic.

I enjoy when I am able to be helpful to a patient while matching and describing an egg donor. It is a great pleasure to talk about our egg donors, because I like young ladies, which we recruit. Thus, all patient coordinators ask my advice when the process of egg donor matching take place. I feel satisfied when we’ve met patients’ requirements to a donor match. Usually, the similarity is a must and we’ve achieved some success in that!”

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